Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Teacher kidnaps 4th grader for sex

Here is another story about a female teacher having sex with her male student.

In this story, after learning Rice had been to their home to watch movies with the boy, had taken him on trips, and chatted often with him on the phone as well as Internet, the parents had warned the teacher to stay away from their 4th grade son.

In light of women teachers sleeping with male students is becoming more and more common, one would think the parents would have immediately notified the school & police when learning of these incidents.

From WND --
Jennifer Rice, 31, is said to have met the fourth-grade boy shortly after being hired last year as a replacement teacher at McKinley Elementary School.

Police documents indicate Rice took the boy with her when she left a party in his East Tacoma neighborhood around 3 a.m. Thursday. Authorities claim the two were headed for an amusement park in Idaho when they stopped at a rest area, napped and then had sex.

Officials say Rice admitted she raped the boy at the rest stop before driving him back, and court documents indicate the pair had intercourse several times on previous occasions, including once in the boy's home. More...


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  2. I'm Glad we both got it posted! The more people that see this crap, the better!


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