Thursday, August 9, 2007

Holy Rollers LIE about SB16

You know, you would think this group would have something better to do!

The Bible thumping Holy Rollers at, Citizens for Community Values (CCV), the driving force behind SB 16, which would restrict distance between dancers and patrons, along with stopping all dancing at 12:00pm, are now lying to Ohio lawmakers about their proposed bill.

CCV who accused opposition group, Citizens for Community Standards (CCS), of deceit and misrepresentation, is now doing exactly that.
Barry Sheets, the organization's lobbyist, said states with "similar" laws are Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

States generally have obscenity and anti-prostitution laws, and many local governments enact adult-entertainment restrictions. But Pennsylvania and Georgia have little statewide strip-club regulation, after courts struck down laws in both states.

"In the absence of regulation, there is no restriction," said Nils Frederiksen, spokesman for the Pennsylvania attorney general's office.

In Georgia, residents amended the state constitution, handing strip-club oversight to counties and municipalities.
Truth be told.... only Tennessee is in line with proposed SB16.

Is it not a sin to tell a lie? Could they not be considered a stumbling block?


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  1. Thanks, King. The other slight of hand being done here is to make peole think that no protections woudl exist and the businesses could run unregulated. That is absolutely and 100% false - the law that was passed last legislative session that gave locals the ability to regulate would be re-activated, that's it. I hate these scare tactics. Although to be fair, neither side should use unsupportable scare tactics.


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