Saturday, August 4, 2007

Brunnehilda pouts over court slap

The only thing missing is the foot stomping and jumping up and down.

After getting slapped back in line by the Ohio Supreme Court, for illegally returning a bill to Rev. Strickland, Brunnehilda has stated she will refuse to return any bills, even if there are clerical errors.

From ONN --

"Now that I've seen the gamut of the views of the Ohio Supreme Court, my instruction to my staff is going to be to not return a bill, even if it's for a clerical error," Brunner said on Thursday.

Speaker Jon Husted, a suburban Dayton Republican, said Brunner's action will require lawmakers to spend time fixing mistakes that had been taken care of by the do-over process.

"We'd have to pass a law to move the comma," Husted said. "If that's what the secretary of state wants, then that's what we'll do." More....


  1. Considering that those opinions Brunner is relying upon are merely concurring opinions, those opinions aren't the law of the land. The majority opinion didn't address that topic, and instead held that the tenth day was Jan.6- so Strickland, by law, couldn't veto the bill because 10 days had passed since adjournment.

    King, you're absolutely right. The SOS is merely throwing a tempertantrum.

    GOP Prince

  2. Whaa,Whaa, Whaa.... Tyoical of dems when they get slapped.

    Sad thing is that this is the broad who slapped Bennett back to Columbus!


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