Saturday, August 25, 2007

Asst. Principal leaves her own baby in SUV to die

A 2 year old little girl was found dead locked inside a SUV yesterday. The little girl was left in the SUV for approx. 8 hours. The Clermont County Cornoner has said the cause of death was systemic hyperthermia, or heat-related causes.

With temperatures in the 90 - 95 degree range it is estimated temperatures in the vehicle easily reached over 100 degrees. It was reported that the heat caused the babies skin to blister.

When notified, the babies mother ran out and cradled the dead 2 yr old in her arms.

Everyone is probably thinking the women was a young girl, maybe in a bar, tanning, shopping with her friends, etc... and forgot the baby in the car, right? As I was reading the story, that's what I was thinking.

Nope, this lady was 40 yrs old. The lady, Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby, left the baby in her car, with the windows up, when she reported to work for a series of meetings.

Where did she work? She is an assistant principal at Glen Este Middle School, in Batavia, Ohio.

The Clermont County prosecutor stated it looks like an accident and a decision on if the women should be charged will be made when the police investigation is done. The superintendent of West Clermont School District, Gary Brooks, said "Nesselroad-Slaby is a kind and caring person who does a great job as assistant principal."

Is this a tragedy? Hell Yes! Is it an accident? Hell No! It is ignorance and negligence!

Should this women receive pity and special treatment because of her age and job? Hell NO!

I believe with her position as an educator and care taker of children, she should be held to a higher standard! I believe the school district should relieve her of all duties immediately and start the process for her termination.

Why termination? Would you want it to be your kid next time she "accidentally" uses poor judgement? If a person is able to "forget" their own child, allowing them to bake in a SUV, should they be entrusted with a school full of children?

As for the Clermont County Prosecutor Don White, well he's just an idiot! I wonder if he would think this was an accident if the person were a single mom, or a young mother or father.

Is there any difference between leaving your child locked in a car, on a 90 degree plus day, in a bar parking lot or your job parking lot?

Some may think I am being cold hearted about this. But this lady, by her negligence, effected the death of her child. Not a quick death, but a slow, painful blistering death to her own helpless child!


  1. I completely agree with everything mentioned. She should be charged with involuntary manslaughter at the very least. I cannot imagine ever being able to forget about my children. And while I know that this person never meant to kill her child - she did. This 2 year old cried for her mother and struggled to get out of her car seat before she died!

  2. I also agree, The mother should be charged with killing her daughter. She is 40 years old and works in the school system. No matter how busy you are you cannot leave your child in a vehicle in conditions like that. AND for 8 HOURS!!! That is horrible how that child had to suffer. I can see a mother possibly leaving her child in the car for 8 MINUTES to run into a convenient store but in 95 degree weather I thought it was common since NOT to leave you child in the car for any amount of time because of the extreem heat. She should be thrown in jail, there is NO EXCUSE!! I do not understand how a person can leave their child (or any child) in a car for 8 hours with out once thinking about that child. OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Like you said, she should be terminated immediatley!

  3. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the post.

    Honestly, it really just makes me sick thinking of that poor little girl. Then I get fuming mad about how STUPID the mother was. It is even more incredible the skool is allowing her to keep her job & defending her.

    When I read anon's remarks of, "This 2 year old cried for her mother and struggled to get out of her car seat before she died!," I felt sick.

    An innocent life lost because EVERYTHING else was more important! I wonde where the hell she thought the little girl was that whole time? At 2yrs, don't most Mom's call to check in on their children?

    Damn this makes me so mad!

    The penalty of living with knowing she "baked" her child is not enough. I wish "hot boxes" were still used for punishment in prisons. They could stick her in there 8 hrs a day as part of her punishment.

    Vengeful? Your damn right!

  4. I am a nurse who takes care of children all the time. We have gotten social services involved with families for things that aren't as neglectful as leaving your child in the car to bake. Calling this "an accident" is completely wrong. A parent should never forget to leave their child in a car all day no matter what the weather is. I believe that the only reason why it is believed to be "an accident" is because she is older, has an education, and a little money. If she was any other person she would already be in jail or at least her other children removed from the home. This was a complete case of abuse and neglect. I know that people gets in trouble for animal cruelty for leaving their pets in the car for anytime frame, so why should a woman who killed a 2 year old little girl not get the punishment she deserves. I know that she is probably punishing herself everyday, but the law should not look the other way. Especially since she takes care of other people's children on a daily basis. How can anyone trust her again with their children?

  5. I also agree she should be punished, this a school assistant principal that's suppose to be in charge of children. No child should ever be left unattended in a vehicle. If you aren't capable of getting your children out of the car seat or car to go in a store, you should do your shopping another time. Let's not forget the two doctors in MO. that left their 7 month old in a car the same day. Let's set an example, this is something you'd expect from a teenage mother too young to be having children, but a 40 year old assistant principal. Give me a Break! I bet if she was a single parent or homeschool parent charges would be filed or everyone would be talking how horrible they were. You'd think having "College Degrees" they'd be smarter than what they were.

  6. I was actually thinking of moving to this area before I heard this story. I was so outraged to learn that the school district was suspending this woman WITH pay until formally charged. This woman did not leave her child by accident in a car for 8 hours on one of the hottest days in clermont county by accident, she commited MURDER! Anyone with children (that love them) will tell you that you know where they are at all times. She used the excuse that she forgot to drop her child off at daycare...who would believe this?! If you ask me the mother was tired of having the child way her down and came up with a murder plot. They found the baby in this woman's Mercedes SUV still buckled in its car seat. I have a child of the same age and an SUV and there is no way that I can avoid seeing my child when I get out of the car. She's lying and as far as I'm concerned they should give her the death penalty as she sentenced her child to death. Let her sit in a car in 100 degree + weather and get blisters on her and die. You know when they took that baby's temperature it registered at 145 degrees. That woman should pay, not be pitied like our wonderful school system is doing and the district attorney. Somebody is getting paid off if you ask me!

  7. Stop being so judgemental. Shame on all of you! It is this kind of mentality that makes me want to move away from here. Never say never.

  8. Judgemental? The women killed her kid!

    So the mentality of holding people accountable for taking care of their children is the kind of mentality that makes you want to move away?

    Bye! I got a truck, I can help you move.

  9. Ann, just seen this in the above comments...

    baby's temperature registered at 145 degrees!

    145 DEGREES!

    Please explain on what would be the proper way to judge this Ann?

  10. What she did was very harsh. there should be no parent that doesn't think about their 2 year old and where they are. It had to of crossed her mind. This is why this was no accident. She needs to bake just like she made her daughter do!

  11. I agree with the comments stating she should suffer as her poor baby did! I am all up for the Eye For An Eye thing here...especially when it comes to children...I have 2 daughters and I am 20 yrs old and I have NEVER EVER left them alone by themselves..hell I even get nervous when they stay for a short while with their grandparents...let alone letting them blister and die in boiling heat in a car none the less! She she be locked inside a car while everyone watches her roast and let her see how it feels...and when she goes to hell for letting her child die like that I hope she relives the moment over and over and over numerous times in agonizing pain of being in a car for 8 hours in over 100 degree wether while strapped down so she can't get out!
    That is the most disgusting thing I have ever in my life heard! People who hurt children...fault or no fault she endure the same pain their child did!
    You can not trust anyone with your children in my opinion...too much stuff tends to "happen" and evidentally this lady could not be trusted with her own child.
    Accident my ass! They should fry the B****!

  12. Also just want to make one more point here...the people who are pitying her are setting the example of its alright to do this to a child,to all those sick people out there who hurt children just for fun..they should just basically look those perverts and sick people in the eye and tell them its alright to do that...they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing her to get away with killing her baby...and sorry for the spelling and wrong words in wrong places in statement above I'm really pissed about this story and I tend to type faster than I think when I get going = )

  13. I live in the Cincinnati area and this same prosecutor has just enraged the community with another case of a child, Marcus Feisel, being wrapped and taped up and locked in the closet on a 90+ degree weekend while the foster parents went to a Family Reunion. The child died. One of the participants, Amy Baker, was given total immunity plea bargain by the prosecutor(s) involved while the Foster parents went to jail. Ms. Baker is now facing jail because a Kentucky prosecutor was not involved in the plea and got her on tampering with a dead body charges. She has yet to go to trial. White and the other prosecutors involved in the original plea are screaming bloody murder because Ms. Baker is being charged in Ky. The liberal newspapers and "system" is accusing people here who want justice done to Ms. Slaby of being "judgemental", "harsh", "self-righteous", jealous of Slaby's status in life, etc. I am glad to see a web site where people pity the correct person...that poor baby... and want justice done. I am going to complain to the governor if justice isn't done here. Thanks for having a heart for this poor child.

  14. Many members of the staff and administration of West Clermont see themselves as educated, holier than thou types who believe they know what's best for the children, more so than the parents. Often, when speaking to parents they 'talk down to them.' WC is really big on insisting that it they, rather than the parents who teach the kids to be 'responsible' and make 'good choices.' Ironic, huh?

    To the poster that was thinking of moving to this area, I'll just say this, we would have never have bought a home in this area if we had known then what we know now about the school district.

    Oh, and btw, in November of this year they will be putting a bond issue on the ballot again, for the fourth time. For being educated educators they don't seem to know what the word 'NO' means. The bond issue they are pushing will be in effect for 30 years, most of the kids in the high school will probably be grandparents by the time it expires.

    If you want to move to a nice area where 75% of your property taxes don't go to the school, try Brown county. We pay almost 1300 (1800 total) per year in property taxes on a 135,000 house versus a house valued at 250,000 pays a total of around 700 total per year in Brown county.

  15. Well, today the news came that the woman in this case will get off without any charges. That's right, I said NONE. I posted a blog on here earlier about thinking about moving to this area. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to this county. I am so disgusted at this I cannot even put it into words. Let me clear some details for the people who might not no all of them....First, she stops by a donut shop that morning before arriving at school. Then, when she gets to school she gets all of her things together and takes them inside her work. She then procedes to come back out to the car, twice, open the hatchback to get the donuts out and never realizes that her child is still in the car. Anyone stupid enough to even say they believe this needs to be shot right along with this woman. First of all, this child is 2 years old, which means its old enough to be talking. So, even if she could use the excuse that she "forgot" the child the first time she left the car...she went back TWICE! Then, they let her off scott free?! This woman just came up and got away with the perfect plan for murder. And the people that are supposed to be "protecting" us are letting her. Someone knows someone, because this is a tightly involved county, and I'm sorry, but they must take us all for idiots. Just very recently a mother of two got home from working 2 double shifts at a hospital and fell asleep. Her children got out of the house when she was sleeping and someone spotted them. They arrested her on the spot, but had she just left them in the car, she would have been fine, right?! People, we need to do something about this. This is so wrong I can't even imagine someone doing this, and then letting her get away with it. If we do nothing then we also take part in letting her go free. I will make sure I do my part in making sure that this story goes national and gets people so angry that the people responsible for letting her go also, will be accordingly dealty with.

  16. To all the concerned individuals out there that believe this case was handled somewhat suspiciously or incorrectly, please take the time to write our Supreme Court, it could change some things.

    Office of Disciplinary Counsel
    Supreme Court of Ohio
    250 Civic Center Drive, Ste. 325
    Columbus, Ohio 43215-5454

  17. PLEASE people take the time to write the Supreme Court. This sick woman deserves to pay for this. I would have NEVER in my life thought that our Justice system could fail children this badly. I didn't know that she came back out to the car TWICE!! There is NO way that she didn't know her child was in there. I know that she would have whimpered or cried or made some sort of noise to let her mother know. I am sure that she filled up her FAT AZZ on donuts. SHe certainly didn't forget them.. Unreal...

  18. Can I also point out the fact that this woman backed her car up to the do you not see in the back seat while backing the car up? As everyone says that this was horrible, people keep saying it was unintentional. Has anyone considered that fact that she may have planned this whole thing, knowing she would be protected? I just think its so odd that the very next day she called the school that she worked at and assured them that they could still have a good year after this! Can you believe that! So much for negligence, try HOMICIDE!

  19. I am absolutely outraged at the fact that this so called mother could do such a terrible thing. I am also outraged at the fact that anybody cauld put this incident in the accident category. Thats like comparing it to spilled milk. She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and sentenced to death. Put her in a car and stick her in extreme heat until her skin blisters, but let her live so that she can spend the rest of her days rotting away her miserable life in a jail cell. She will burn in HELL for her "Accident" anyway.

  20. Ann has to be just as sick as this so called mother to feel sorry for the "DEVIL" She ought to go somewhere and off herself.

  21. I am always amazed at how quick to judge people are, after reading very little information, after having very little similar experiences, when confronted with simple (yet devastating) mistakes of others. This is a tragedy for the young girl, of course, but obviously for her mother and their family. He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. I wonder how many who posted in response to this story have ever, or will be someday, confronted by terrible missteps that lead to extreme results. I hope they are met with more sympathy than this poor mother has received in this string of comments.

  22. I can't believe how fast people are to judge. We live very stressful and demanding lives. It is so easy to forget even the most important things. Unfortunately, this had a fatal consequence. I am so sorry for this mother. I hope she gets the help she needs and forgive herself. It was not her fault.


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