Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Good Job Mary, Again!

Mary Taylor, once again shows the benefit of having a REAL C.P.A. as State Auditor.

I don't know this for fact, but I would guess-- during her short time in office, Taylor, has done more for Ohio voters than any elected official has in who know's how long. Last year alone, Taylor questioned $36 million in spending at six state agencies.

Auditor Mary Taylor, a republican, who recently tagged the Franklin County GOP for inappropriate usage of funds from the state, shows nobody is above the law in her books.

From the PD --

A change in state law that just took effect could shut down the publicly funded, privately operated schools when they can't balance their books. Schools declared "unauditable" by the state auditor will have 90 days to get their financial houses in order, or close their doors.

Taylor has declared 82 entities - townships, villages, school districts and other public agencies - "unauditable." That means they lack adequate financial statements and records, making an audit impossible. Of those, 29 - more than a third - are charter schools. More...

With the financial watch dog she is becoming, Taylor, watches & protects our public dollars like they were her own!

Thank You & another great job Mary!

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