Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cleveland Free Times & The "Screwed Over" Intern

While being warned to stay away from the sharks in the media, it sounds like the data theft scapegoat intern, Jared Ilovar, should have watched the leeches he thought were protecting him....

From Cleveland Free Times --

"My supervisors told me not to talk to the media," he says in a phone interview with the Free Times. "They told me to avoid the media like the plague. They said that the media would twist my words. So, I didn't." He claims supervisors even told him to keep the data theft secret from the police. "I thought they were protecting me. Then, they fired me."

Ilovar says he was subjected to a brutal interrogation and lie detector test during which investigators implied that he had arranged the theft. "They told me I passed, but if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have agreed to it. It was that bad. They got into my personal life. They took it apart. Everything. It was awful." More....

How smart is a democrat?

The kid reapplied to be an intern!

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