Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ohio needs to check Damn Dams!

Many cities are working with ODNR, Army Corp of Engineers & the EPA to remove dams on some streams. This is being done to improve wildlife and aquatic conditions downstream and to remove any deteriorated dams.

But that is no consolation to the people who live in places where dams are unable to be removed.

Noting that dam inspections are to be every 5 years, ODNR has stated because of budget cuts and being short staffed, they have been nowhere close to meeting this goal.

They are now averaging about 100 inspections per year. Far short of a sound management practices.

From ONN --

Safety experts said that with all the attention to bridges following last week's collapse in Minnesota, more attention needs to be paid to dams across the state.

The Department of Natural Resources regulates more than 1,600 dams in Ohio. Half of those are considered deficient....

Six of the ten highest risk dams in the state are located in central Ohio, including Hoover and O'Shaughnessy Reservoir Dam in Franklin County. More...

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