Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Illegal Immigrants "Plucked" from S/W Ohio

U.S. Customs and Immigration agents raided a chicken processing plant, Koch Foods, in the town of Fairfield, OH. The agents detained 161 illegal immigrants working at the plant and will begin deportation proceedings immediately.

The crack down was a culmination of a 2yr investigation into hiring of illegal immigrants at Koch Foods. The raid was the largest yet in the Cincinnati area and one of the top 20 raids nationwide this year.

A Koch Food's spokesmen claims the recently let go 150 undocumented workers and alleges that federal authorities have refused to work with him on identifying illegal immigrants.

U.S. Custom & Immigration officials have described Koch Foods as an "egregious violator" and is known for the hiring of undocumented workers. Authorities have stated, charges will be brought against the company IF they find any evidence of fraud, falsification of documents or other crimes.

And like any good illegal immigrant raid, advocates for these illegals immigrants claim the raids are unfair. The advocates completely ignore the fact that it is "UNFAIR" these illegal immigrants are taking jobs that can be filled by unemployed Ohioans.

From the Enquirer --

.....some workers tried to hide in a subzero freezer and had to be rescued by ICE agents. He said a few were treated for hypothermia, but no one was seriously hurt.

When asked about the company's claims, Moskowitz cited the number of arrests at the plant Tuesday.

"We identified 180 people for questioning, and 161 turned out to be illegal," he said. "I think those numbers speak for themselves." More....

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