Thursday, August 16, 2007

RINO Mayors in Cuyahoga Co. Support Forced Tax Increase

Ignoring the fact that this is against the will of the voters, that there are alternative sources of funding (Gateway Bonds), and is against the wishes of most rank & file members of the RPCC, the following Republican Mayors have come out in support of the forced Med Mart tax....

  • Mayor of Pepper Pike, Bruce Akers (Ring Leader #1)

  • Mayor of Bay Village, Debbie Sutherland (Ring Leader #2)

  • Mayor of Bentleyville, Michael Canty

  • Mayor of Bratenahl, John Licastro

  • Mayor of Brecksville, Jerry Hruby

  • Mayor of Chagrin Falls, Tom Brick

  • Mayor of Cuyahoga Heights, Ralph Contipelli

  • Mayor of Hunting Valley, John Wheeler

  • Mayor of Independence, Fred Ramos

  • Mayor of Mayfield Heights, Gregory Costabile

  • Mayor of North Royalton, Cathy Luks

  • Mayor of Rocky River, Pamela Bobst

  • Mayor of Solon, Kevin Patton

  • Mayor of University Heights, Beryl Rothschild

By supporting the forced tax, these above RINO Mayors have sold out ALL the voters of Cuyahoga County. Sounds like a censure from the party members may be in order!

Below is a list of businesses that support this forced sales tax increase. As these below businesses feel they know what to do with YOUR money, maybe a boycott of spending our money in their establishment would be in order....

Please feel free to contact these places and let them know how you feel about their support of this forced sales tax!

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  1. What bold corporate leadership: companies endorsing a tax that will directly benefit them.


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