Friday, August 22, 2008

Endorsements from the Plain Dealer

In case you may have missed them, the Plain Dealer has begun its endorsements for the local judicial races. The paper has endorsed in five of the six races (the holdout being the new judge v. Pam Barker race). Unfortunately, only two of the endorsements went to Republicans.

The first of these endorsements went to Judge Richard McMonagle.

From the endorsement:
McMonagle has shown he's a more-than-able jurist for more than two decades,serving as presiding judge for half that time. . . He runs an efficient docket and he's earned a reputation for fairness and dedication. He deserves another six-year term.

The second was for Judge Kathleen Ann Sutula:

Sutula has been dubbed a criminal's worst nightmare. And she rightly has little tolerance for unprepared or underinformed lawyers. The judge's no-nonsense style doesn't always serve her well, but she is a smart, diligent jurist with a keen understanding of the law. . . her [opponent's] presence in this race is tainted by evidence that she was encouraged to run by her boss, County Prosecutor Bill Mason, solely for the purpose of helping another candidate in the Democratic primary. Sutula's record on the General Division bench argues convincingly for her election to a six-year term at Probate.

Remember these endorsed candidates, along with Justice Evelyn Stratton, Justice Maureen O'Connor (the PD has yet to endorse in these Supreme Court races), Brian Moriarty, Robert McClelland, and Sam Zingale when you vote this fall.


  1. i tend to ignore the pd but its kind of surprising that i had to come here to learn about this.

    are their any eforts made by hq to ever let us know about this kind of stuff

  2. Agreed the PD is a rag. Can't believe they want more money ($.75) and they have even less print.

    Anyway... Why is it surprising you would come here and find the endorsement info?

    If you want accurate information, less the spin, KRS is the place to come.

    RPCC HQ making efforts? The only effort they are making is wasting money on their bloated HQ and salaries. Check out our restricted fund - we are nearly broke!

    What do they do for candidates? Not much! The only thing they have done for our candidates this year is to continually lie and blame ALL the ills of Cuyahoga COunty on Peter Lawson Jones. I believe they may have even linked him as the cause for global warming.

    The sad thing is the RPCC sat quiet when the things were going on that they are crying about now.

    Keep coming back - this is the place you will find up to date and accurate info on conservatism and politics in Cuyahoga County.


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