Thursday, August 21, 2008


As I'm sure most everyone has heard by now, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones passed away yesterday. Although a fierce, partisan Democrat, KRS puts aside its political differences with the Congresswoman to offer its condolences to her family and friends.

RIP, Stephanie Tubbs Jones.


I have been having some technical difficulties in posting and commenting, so I want to thank Prince for posting the above.

I feel the need to expand....

First the most disturbing thing about the loss of Congresswoman Jones is some of the ignorant remarks I have read in several places. It is pretty sad when society cannot even show respect for the dead. Before Congresswoman Jones was politician - she was a person, a mother, wife, sister, friend, etc... Democrat or not - the woman is due her respect!

KRS has previously posted about Jones and have slammed her pretty good on her political views. Having met Congresswoman Jones on several occasions - I cannot express enough how nice of a person she was!

In my opinion, we need more people like Congresswoman Jones. Political views aside - she was passioniate about what she believed in, it seems her "word" truly meant something to her and she remembered where she came from. These are traits not often seen in politicians. I have more respect for a person that stands for what they believe, regardless of the cost they may pay.

For me, that is the true measure of a person!

Tubbs-Jones was a genuine Cleveland Girl - we never left her heart and she should never leave ours!



  1. The previous post was written by Barack Obama.

  2. No not Barack.

    I meant Yeahh. As in ding dong the witch is dead,the wicked witch is dead. hi ho the merryO, the merryO.


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