Friday, August 22, 2008

O'Malley in the News Again!

I usually don't believe in getting innocent children involved with the ignorance of their parents -the poor kids cannot pick their parents. But this post deals with two people that should not be allowed to have children!

Former Cuyahoga County Auditor Patrick O'Malley, who is awaiting sentencing on obscenity charges, and along with his ex-wife, Vicki, are not fit to be parents. The papers have highlighted over the years of how unstable and out of control behavior from both of these people.

And as usual - it is the children that pay the price...

From the PD --

O'Malley's ex-wife Vicki told police she picked up the couple's 6-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter as they walked on Solon Road near their father's home about 5 a.m. and took them back to her South Russell home.

O'Malley's daughter told police that she wanted to leave because "dad was grouchy' and he did not give them anything to eat last night," according to the report.

O'Malley became irate and said he wanted the children immediately when police told him the incident was a civil matter that needed to be revisited when both parents were calm.

"[O'Malley] did not like this reply and said that he would have the county prosecutor investigate this," Patrolman Michael Baldwin wrote in his report. More...

It does not make a difference who is at fault. We all know children can tell stories and exaggerate if they are not happy about something, which may be the case, but the children had no business walking around at 5:00am. Even though O'Malley is playing victim again - he claims his ex broke in and took the children, she says she found them walking at 5:00am.

What does that say about O'Malley - your young children were wither taken from your home or walked out at 5:00am!

And of course, O'Malley wants to threaten police with his political hack buddy that saved him from more serious porn charges - Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason.

A real bunch of winners!


  1. I don't know about you, but if someone breaks into my, they will be shot.

    So where was Pat when his ex wife was allegedly breaking into his house?

  2. Yeah if someone breaks into my,they will be shot. duh.

  3. "Breaks into my house"

    You must be too too stupid to understand the nose made an honest mistake. Especially since there is no way for that person to edit a post after it has been posted.

  4. Get your nose out of the nose's ass anonymouse,I mean King.
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