Sunday, August 24, 2008

Local Nut Job Street Preacher has "Disorderly Conduct" charges dropped

Local religious crack-pot, Jason Wiener, has had disorderly conduct charges against him dismissed.

At one time Wiener was a member of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County. After getting trounced in the GOP primary for his 2nd bid of trying to unseat Kucinich, Wiener left the RPCC (Yahoo!). Wiener is now a "rising star" in the Constitution Party.

The Bible-Thumping Wiener was charged with disorderly conduct earlier this year for accosting, berating and scaring customers of the Blue Point Grille with his religious rants.

From the PD --

Werner criticized abortion and told passers-by that they would go to hell unless they accepted Jesus in their lives.

Police cited Werner for disorderly conduct. He was blocking the path of bystanders and telling people that they were baby killers and were going to hell, the ticket states.

Werner said he plans to resume his preaching on the street corner. A citizen's free-speech rights were taken away, but a higher power intervened, Werner said.
Werner thinks it was a sign of a higher power... I'd bet the prosecutors did not want to subject themselves or the courts to such lunacy! I believe had the prosecutors office chose to do so - convicting Wiener would have been a no-brainer.

Making matters even more laughable while Wiener - the "Holy Roller" hypocrite - is out damning others, a sometimes commenter on here, KRS, left this remark in the PD comments section of the story....

What gets me are those the Christians who impregnate a 19 year-old girl while they're still married, and then divorce their current wife to marry the other woman (i.e., Werner).

As I posted when the wack job was arrested - this case is not an issue of violating someones right to free speech, but of a person disturbing others by being a pest and not obeying police orders.

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