Sunday, August 24, 2008

We need more judges like this!

Painesville Muny Judge Michael Cicconetti serves justice again!

God you just got to love this guy! Judge Cicconetti recently handed down yet another one of his lesson-teaching creative sentences...

From the PD --
Anna Marie Cothrum, 31, of North Bend Road, was sentenced by Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti, who is known for his quirky sentences.

Cothrum will stand outside Central Congregational Church in Madison on September 7 and greet church members with a hand-made sign constructed of coins.

The sign will read, 'I stole coins from this church.''

Cothrum entered the church under the pretense of praying - when nobody was looking the wench stole change out of 5 gallon plastic water jug being used to hold donations.

Judge Cicconetti's sentence for the skank is 10 days in jail, to be served on the weekends. The hand-made sign is to be made out of pennies and the judge was very clear about the size of the lettering - BIG!

Here is a few examples of some of Judge Cicconetti's past sentences --
  • Called policemen "Pigs" - stand on sidewalk for 2 hrs in a pen with a 350-pound pig and a sign reading, “This is not a police officer.”

  • Man flees police, runs with officers in race

  • Couple apologize in newspaper for public sex act

  • Man, woman vandalize baby Jesus statue; march through town with donkey
    Two men soliciting prostitutes -
    forced to wear chicken suits

  • Man stole money from Salvation Army Christmas kettle - sleep outside for a night in January.

The toilet paper like PD calls the sentences quirky - they should actually have Judge Cicconetti come to Cuyahoga County and give some our democrat judges a lesson.

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