Friday, August 22, 2008

Girlieman of the Week -- Mexifornia’s Action Hero Governor

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Girlieman of the Week
Date Awarded: August 22, 2008

Girlieman: Mexifornia’s Action Hero Governor
Girlie Antics: Won’t fight for the taxpayers

In 2003, The Terminator deposed Mexifornia Governor Gray Davis by invoking a no-nonsense, fiscal discipline, based on his success in the business world. The two issues that landed Davis in hot, taxpayer, water were both spending related. He kicked a special car tax into high gear, and, he was rubber stamping the legislature’s runaway spending spree. Arnold did repeal the car tax, but his performance on the spending spree front is pathetic.

The Terminator repeated his fiscal conservative whopper, in 2006, when he ran for a full term, accusing the Demoncrat dominated legislature of making the taxpayer foot the bill for Elected Tormentor spending calamities. His winning moves, in the final days of the campaign, involved painting a tax-bonkers, spend-a-holic bull’s-eye on his Demoncrat opponent. Immediately after the election, he was full of himself, and it, when he swore he’d put Mexifornia’s fiscal house on a solid, stay within your means, footing with spending cuts. It all sounded good, but it was, as we all know by now, utter and complete bull shit.

This week, with the state sinking beneath a 20 billion dollar budget deficit tidal wave, he jettisoned all that ‘the legislature needs to learn financial discipline’ window dressing. After making a few, final, meaningless, noises about imposing budgetary discipline, Arnold decided to right those old profligate spending wrongs with - TA DA - an increase in the USA’s highest state sales tax.

The governor, who came to Sacramento promising never to raise taxes, now wants to raise the sales tax temporarily. If Republicans agree, he said, they would get, in return, Democratic support for future spending restraints.

"I think the sweet spot is a sales tax increase," Schwarzenegger said in the interview, "with the Democrats compromising on the budget reform in such a way that we have a real spending limit here. . . . Not everyone sees it that way. That's what I see." (L.A. Times)

In other words, instead of kicking ass and taking names, this gutless wonder will, once again, play Charlie Brown to the legislature’s Lucy. He’ll run, he’ll try to kick the football, and they’ll yank it out at the last minute, by taking the new money and running up even more red ink, via lavish spending programs.

Arnold is like your dad who gives you grief every time you squander your allowance money, then, with a guilty grin, he digs into your mom’s purse, hands you a couple twenties and says, ‘don’t tell your mother’. The legislature has blown through every penny that hit the state’s coffers, borrowed against the future, and blew through that, too. If Arnold had a full set of nads, he’d fess up to Mexifornia citizens and admit that he’s too gutless to crack down on spending. He needs to find the stones to tell Mexifornia citizens that the only way to raise Mexifornia’s financial ship starts by booting the Marxist Elected Tormentor asshats out of office. Arnold needs to admit that he broke all his promises and then apologize for his pathetic performance as Governor of Mexifornia. Since he’s a steaming political turd of the first order, he’s hasn’t got the guts.

For lying to Mexifornia taxpayers, repeatedly, and never admitting it...for talking tough, then going girlie when the pressure was on...for off the charts hypocrisy, Arnold Schwarzeneger is, once again, the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

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