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Trakas calls for breaking the cycle of mediocrity with new and better leadership

While Dennis Is In Denver , Cleveland Is #2 In Poverty
Trakas calls for breaking the cycle of mediocrity with new and better leadership


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( INDEPENDENCE ) Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s talk campaign will continue this afternoon as he addresses the Democratic National Convention on the economy. Sadly, this is an issue Kucinich should know a lot about, since he has been part of Greater Cleveland’s economic ruination since his election to Cleveland City Council nearly four decades ago. Kucinich has been a policymaker on the local, state, and national levels since that time and must shoulder some of the responsibility for our plight, yet he consistently blames others for the region’s economic challenges.

“Today, nearly 30 percent of Greater Clevelanders are living below the Federal Poverty Line, homes are being foreclosed upon, unemployment is high, and hopelessness outweighs hope,” stated 10th District Congressional candidate and former State Representative Jim Trakas. “The date when our region began this terrible economic hardship can be fixed: Election Day, 1977, when Dennis Kucinich took the helm of the city as mayor and did all he could to chase jobs and opportunity away from Cleveland . The date of the beginning of Cleveland’s next chapter may well be November 4, 2008, when the people rise up against decades of mediocrity and indifference and elect a Member of Congress from the 10th District who will start the hard work needed to mend our region. I seek to be that person.”

The Trakas Economic Plan begins with addressing the root problems of our decline by mending broken families, lowering the high cost of doing business in America which has helped destroy our middle class and working class, and implementing real reforms to education to produce a more vibrant economy. While Congressman Kucinich blames all of our ills on corporations, Jim Trakas knows that government has done its share to destroy families and job opportunities, and that government must act decisively to create a far more friendly jobs climate, before it is too late for Cleveland.

“The Scriptures tell us that ‘where there is no vision, the people perish,’” said Jim Trakas. “The visionless Congressman Kucinich squanders opportunity after opportunity to improve our region, consistently votes for a more hostile jobs climate, supports higher energy and food costs through poor policymaking, and has shipped jobs overseas and out of Cleveland from the time he was Mayor until this very day. While he talks, and talks, and talks, and marches, and holds news conferences, and casts blame in wide nets, I will use my time as our Congressman to help solve Greater Cleveland’s economic problems.”

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