Sunday, August 31, 2008

The United States - "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" or "The Land of the Korrectniks and Home of the Retards?"

There are times where you just have to wonder if our country should be known as - "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" or "The Land of the Korrectniks and Home of the Retards."

From the PD --
Veterans for Peace is urging people to call organizers of the air show, its commercial sponsors and public officials to ask the Army not to bring the simulators to the Labor Day weekend show at Burke Lakefront Airport.

"Technology that simulates killing human beings has no place at an event that purports to be a celebration of aviation," said Mary Reynolds Powell, a Army veteran of Vietnam and president of the peace group's Cleveland-area chapter.

"It desensitizes kids to killing," she said. "It trivializes what soldiers in combat go through. It makes it a game. And nobody knows better than the veterans that war is not a game."

I guess some people live with their head in their ass! I guess they never heard of Play Station, X Box, Nintendo, etc.. The Grand Theft Auto video game - what's that?

This country stands no chance if the youth of America are such retards and do not realize this is a video GAME! If the children of this country are so stupid - any reform on education is a waste of time! Anyone who raises a child that reaches the age of 18 and is such a mindless dolt that they do not realize the difference between reality and a GAME has failed as a parent.

I am reminded of a story growing up... my mother told us we were no longer allowed to play Superman. Why? Because the parents of a mentally deficient moron forgot to tell him if God wanted us to fly - he would have put feathers on our ass! Lacking that important tidbit of reality the spittle drooling child tied a bed sheet around his neck for a cape and thought he could fly like Superman!

My father sensibly put an end to this ban on playing Superman by stating, "If you are that stupid - forget the cape and just jump." He added, "make sure you climb real high."

Well if the simulators at Air Shows have the korrectniks panties in a bunch - this will be sure to have them thrilled spitless...

From Fox News --
The glass-walled Army Experience Center — located across from a Dave & Busters arcade and an indoor skateboard park — looks somewhat like a high-tech retail store. And, at 14,500 square feet, it's more than three times the size of a basketball court.

A central seating area with armchairs and couches is surrounded by video installations, nearly 80 military gaming stations, a replica command-and-control center, conference rooms and simulators for Black Hawk and Apache helicopters and a Humvee.

In the Black Hawk simulator, participants sit in a model chopper and virtually fly through a mountain village, shooting at enemies as they protect a U.S. convoy headed to a medical facility.

If after playing these GAMES your child is dumb enough to believe people don't die in war and bullets can't kill you - wipe the drool from his chin and encourage them to enlist. The Army needs your window-licking, short bus riding brat - our smart soldiers need decoys!

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