Thursday, March 5, 2009

Auditor Mary Taylor Slaps Strickland for failing to submit Ohio's '08 Fiscal Reports

It seems Governor Strickland can't get his homework done on time. Strickland has again failed to timely submit financial reports for the state.

Strickland has yet to submit the year end report for fiscal year 2008 so Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor can complete her audit of the state. Because of this delay, Ohio's bond rating maybe in jeopardy...
In fact, if the administration were a local government entity, Taylor said she would have already declared the administration "unauditable."

"The governor is not fulfilling a commitment to accountability and transparency that I believe Ohioans expect and demand," said Taylor during what was a rare news conference for her since becoming auditor in January 2007.

"How will the governor know where he will go fiscally if he doesn't know where he's been?" she asked.

Taylor said she has been told the information won't be available until sometime in June, meaning her office likely won't be able to complete its audit of state government until mid-summer after fiscal 2009 has ended. (PD)

Strickland is blaming the delay on a "faulty" software program - though none of the other departments have complained about the 2006 software program (OAKS) and had their financial reports submitted in a timely manner.

I guess running all over Ohio and the U.S. during Barack's campaign was more important than serving the voters of Ohio. And Strickland's flunky, Lt. Governor Lee Fisher must also agree with this as he would rather use his position as Lt. Gov. to run for a U.S. Senate seat.

Go get 'em Mary!

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