Sunday, March 1, 2009

President Obama's Stimulus Plan is Good for America

Once again, I give this special post a special name to attract as many liberals and Obamoron's as possible. Why? Because some special guys, who routinely pay homage and recognize Premier Barack O-Great-One as the "movement" he really is, are celebrating a birthday.

Yes - for those that thought they would never make it past 4yrs old - well - they just turned 5 yrs old...

March 1st marks our fifth year online. And what a fun-filled and fact finding five years it's been. We continue to enjoy exposing Ignorant Ex-Individuals, lancing Looney Left-Wingnuts, porking Pathetic Parasites and crushing self-proclaimed Kingpins of Korrectness. Why? We're good at it...

The real fun begins when PIG's resident Loose Cannons - Hambo and Porcus - are dusted off, sobered up, given some yard time then wheeled out of their Top Secret Bunker for the annual birthday festivities.

Their wheels are always spinning, constantly trying to outdo themselves with new ideas for the PIG faithful...and loving it!

With an ever growing PIG Army, lots of pizza and a daily delivery of beer - Hambo & the guys continue delivering rants, rages and a daily kick in the nuts to President Odipweed, his merry band of misfits and "Brain Dead, Follow The Herd, Nanny-State Korrectnik Zombies" of all races, colors, creeds, religions, and of course your every day moron diluting the gene pool of society.

Holding up on their promises made during their 4th birthday bash, Hambo, Porcus & Spike the Wonder Tyke promise even more korrectnik ass-kicking during their 5th year of disseminating hambo's pagan prose about prancing, korrectnik panty-waists wanting to intrude and control on the lives of free thinking individuals.

Do you hate Politically Correct korrectnik's? Then Politically Incorrect Gazette is for you!

Happy Birthday to PIG
King's Right Site

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