Friday, March 27, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week - Comrade Hillary blames USA for Mexico’s raging drug gang violence

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Steaming Load of the Week

Steaming Load Award: Comrade Hillary blames USA for Mexico’s raging drug gang violence.

Mexico is, by any objective standard, a very dangerous place to visit. It was never a veritable Eden, but recent events have it looking like a the kind of place only the Taliban could love. It’s hell on Earth and getting worse with each passing day, as Mexico devolves into utter chaos.

What happened down there? The facts speak for themselves. Due to this economic meltdown, the market for the drugs the Mexican gangs are pouring into America is decreasing. The weed and other drugs aren’t selling the way they did a year or two ago. As a result of this shrinking market, profits are down. Since that won’t be tolerated, the gangs are doing what needs to be done: eliminate their competition to grab a bigger piece of this dwindling American drug pie. Dog eat dog, sums it up nicely.

Eager to exploit this disaster, for his own political ends, Messiah Barry has his minions shoving it closer to the front burner. One of their first forays involves sending Comrade Hillary to Mexico to confer with what passes for a government south of the border. Determined to get off on the right foot, Comrade Hillary set the 'approved by Messiah Barry' tone, by putting ALL the blame for the Mexican drug wars on AMERICANS.

* American drug users caused the problems by importing their drugs from Mexico, instead of using home grown banned substances.

* American gun manufacturers and sales outlets in the Southwest exacerbated the problem by making and selling guns to Mexican nationals who take them ‘home’ with them.

That’s right, PIGsters, in Messiah Barry’s region of the Twilight Zone, America OPPRESSED peace-loving, hard working, Mexican fuzzballs into acting out their rage. Somehow, the only patriotic way for Americans to atone is to scuttle the Second Amendment, and start smoking more weed, the primary cash crop transported by the drug gangs.

As much as I’d like to help Messiah Barry with this one, I don’t see how turning in Old Betsy and Big Bang, then smoking more weed to help me get over that painful goodbye, is going to solve this problem. Maybe, I’d change my attitude if Comrade Hillary could explain how shutting off the flow of American firearms into Mexico will stop Mexican asshats from BEHEADING their enemies.

This sideshow is a load of neo-Marxist bull crap. It’s just an excuse to flush the Second Amendment down the crapper. Over my dead body, Dumbo-eared Sparky. I have a better idea.

First, we flush Messiah Barry, Comrade Hillary and all the other Marxist bastards down the crapper.

As soon as that’s done, we nuke the Mexican drug gang’s profits by repealing our weed-banning laws.

Finally, we put some heavily armed Americans on the border and keep them there, while the Mexican drug punks kill each other off.

It was Mexicans, not Americans, who created this circle of hell, so it’s only fair that they burn in it..

Perpetrated by: Hambo

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  1. Unfortunately, the Mexicans are going to have a civil war on their hands very soon. The corrupt government and the drug cartels are now one and the same institution. And in this civil war, only the bad guys have guns - guns procured from Asia via South America.

    When HRC blames the US, who does she think is going to have to actually fight this civil war? It isn't going to be farmers with pitchforks. It will be the US Army bailing out yet another country that couldn't handle it's own affairs.


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