Friday, March 6, 2009

Rev. Wright says - "Obama is not God"

I knew I always liked Rev. Wright for a reason!

The Most Hilarious Reverend Wright has just unveiled what is already being labeled as blasphemy by the Obamacrats - Obama is NOT the Messiah! Rev. Wright has made it clear that the high-wind challenged, Dumbo-eared dolt in the White House will not part any seas, make wine out of water, or any of that other cool stuff Jesus did.

Though he did not say it, I bet Rev. Wright would agree that Obamao won't be making any blind men see - but that he sure can make people with good eye sight blind! Speaking at the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church for the 44th anniversary celebration of the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights march here is what my buddy did say about Barack...
"He's like any other president," Wright said. "He's a politician and he's got to do what politicians do."

"Barack's name ain't Jesus. Barack ain't gonna improve your child's reading score. There are things we've got to do on our own," he said.

Premier Obamao's Propaganda Ministers immediately denounced these statements - along with the contributions Rev. Wright made to the Civil-Rights Movement.

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