Saturday, March 21, 2009

Upcoming Cleveland Tea Party Starting to Make News

The Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party being held in downtown Cleveland on 4/15/09 from 4pm-6pm is starting to take shape and is beginning to get headlines.

One of the initial coordinators, Debby, was recently interviewed by the Star Beacon in Ashtabula...

To protest the stimulus, Dalton is helping organize and promote a Tax Day Tea Party from 4 to 6 p.m. April 15 at the Cleveland Public Square. The nationwide tea party day is sponsored by conservative grass-roots organizations in 150 cities and 49 states. The event will coincide with the federal income-tax filing deadline, according to

While Dalton said she wishes the stimulus plan could be recalled, she said she is calling on lawmakers to be responsible with every tax dime.

“The stimulus has already happened, so at this point, we believe the solution is not to tax any further,” Dalton said. “We are asking liberal and conservative lawmakers to go over the budget with a fine-toothed comb. We are saying ‘OK, you guys in office, you are being watched.’

“We are telling the (lawmakers), ‘If you don’t have this figured out, we are voting you out in two years,’” she said.

For more information on the Cleveland Tax Day Tea Party, call Dalton (440-415-5726) or Glen Urban (330-635-0141) or visit

I have been working closely with Debby & Glynn in organizing the Cleveland Tax Day Tea Party and the response we are getting back is exciting and energizing. The Tea Party concept is growing very quickly and time is nearing. It is estimated that there will over 170 major cities across the US having a Tea Party. Growing from this, it is estimated that there will be 1000 Tea Party's in some smaller locations.

Hats off to a recent Tea Party hosted in Cincy, where over 2000 attended, but I believe the Cleveland Tax Day Tea Party can exceed that crowd. A recent Tea Party in Cleveland had a good crowd - this time we want to fill it like a Browns game (when they were good).

If you are tickled pink with joy over the lack of accountability on the insane spending in D.C. and especially Ohio, dont click this LINK - it will bring you to a bi-partisan movement spreading like wildfire across our country. It will bring you to a place where Americans from all walks of life who are sick and tired of continually being abused by reckless governement spending and ridiculous taxes.

If you are fed up and want to be part of history being made across the US, please join us in downtown Cleveland on 4/15/09 at 4:00pm. Click here to sign up for email alerts, event information, press releases and register for your free ticket to the event.


  1. Ralph, please tell me you are going to get up and speak. We need someone to get this thing going and your smart ass usually sparks something! LOL

  2. I will be there. I believe that we should follow the direction of Mr. Beck when he says nots make it a Democrat / Republican issue just a Constitutional one. This is how we will unite the people with messages of liberty and freedom not oppressive government. I know that many of the people that will show up will also be protesting the Federal Reserve who is really behind all of the shenanigans Obama and all of the recent Presidents are puppets to the Feds marching orders. The Fed must be audited I ask all of you to investigate it if you have not already and then call your representative and ask them to support Congressman Ron Paul's bill HR 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve. It currently has 23 co-sponsors


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