Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cuyahoga County Judge Eileen A. Gallagher - The Defendant's Judge!

Cuyahoga County Common 'Please' Judge Eileen A. Gallagher must think Lady Justice is a cross-dresser. Why else would she keep kicking Lady Justice in the nuts? Eileen A. Gallagher is not fit to judge a talent show.

ONCE AGAIN we find Judge Eileen A. Gallagher -another Cuyahoga County Democrat judge - ignoring the victim and protecting the defendant. This time Judge Eileen -The defendants queen - handed down a sentence that flies in the face of logic, is dismissive of the victims and completely diminishes the seriousness of the offense...
Joanne Schneider, who ran what prosecutors called one of the largest securities frauds in state history, was sentenced to three years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty to a series of criminal charges.

Schneider and her husband stole about $60 million from investors. The three-year sentence was the minimum for the securities and fraud charges she pleaded guilty to in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. Several people who stole less money in similar, unrelated scams got longer prison sentences.

Judge Eileen A. Gallagher -- who earlier sentenced Schneider's husband, Alan, to probation instead of jail for his participation in the operation -- chose to make the sentences for the 13 crimes concurrent. (Plain Duller)

Three years for completely destroying the lives of the victims. Understand this, other than not wearing a 'do-rag' & gang colors -Schneider is no different than the average Cleveland street thug.

As noted in the article, the sentence handed down by Judge Gallagher is much more lenient than others who stole far less --
  • Andrew Bodnar - 2001 - $41 million/7yrs
  • David Dadante - 2007 - $28 million/13yrs
  • Geoff Benson - 2001 - $26 million/ 30yrs (reduced to 13)
  • Gary McNaughton - 2007 - $17 million/5yrs
Knowing that Judge Gallagher is a defendant's dream and a victims nightmare - the sentence in this case is not surprising. Over the past two years Judge Gallagher reduced the bond from $1 million to $25,000 for a family of murder defendants, dismissed rape charges because a prosecutor was late for trial, sentenced a man convicted of mortgage fraud ($15 million) to 34 months in prison and dismissed murder charges in a road rage case.

You know what is surprising about this? Judge Gallagher ran unopposed in her last election. You got it "Say it ain't so" Sparky - the +$400K a year political juggernaut called the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County fielded NO candidate in this race.

Can one of our Central Committee members please tell me again about how we can't get candidates elected? Can one of our CC members please tell me how when we put up no candidate everything is the Democrats fault in Cuyahoga County?

I love it when I hear RPCC members spout, "people in Cuyahoga County just don't like Republicans." Did you ever think it is because we never give them an alternative?


  1. oanne Schneider, who ran what prosecutors called one of the largest securities frauds in Ohio state history, was sentenced to three years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty to a series of criminal charges.

    “It seems that “The Idiot Judge” Eileen A. Gallagher wasn’t finished undersentencing the “Thieving Schneiders”. The prosecution attorney could only issue the standard “We are disappointed” speech about the sentencing…under his breath he was thinking” how did she get elected and how did I get the short straw in drawing this moron for my trial!!”

    $60 million was the haul by the Schneider Gang. Several people who stole less money in similar, unrelated scams got longer prison sentences. In six other cases topping $10 million, offenders received at least five years in prison, and two received 20 or more years. So, “The Idiot” Gallagher even had rock solid precedent to increase the sentence considerably beyond 3 years but chose not to.

    “The Idiot” Judge Eileen A. Gallagher was very concerned about the overall health of the swindler and thief in this case and profoundly stated “It’s more likely that it will be a death sentence for you, ma’am.” Well, we are all very grateful that you were so compassionate concerning this thief’s health but “Who cares??” The fact that she is ill has no bearing on the price that she needs to pay to society in general and to the victims specifically. She should have been sentenced to the maximum penalty allowable under law. Then, IF she becomes ill in prison, the parole board could CONSIDER letting her out 1 or 2 months early to get her affairs in order before she passes away.

    Obviously, in addition to being a too lenient, incompetent judge, “The Idiot” Gallagher is also a clairvoyant medical doctor. She was able to proclaim that the 3 year sentence will probably be a death sentence. What job title is next for this egomaniac…GOD??

    In closing, I am sure that defense attorneys all over the North Coast are trying to figure out ways to get this gift-giving, clueless, “Idiot” judge for their trials. Having Eileen A. Gallagher as your trial judge greatly increases your chances of success as a defense attorney.

    Remember this idiot when election time rolls around!!

  2. Irish last name, let's vote for her.

  3. we ran a great slate of judicial candidates in 2008 and they got massacred.

    at some point you have to realize it is impossible to elect a republican county wide

  4. You would call Zingale a great candidate?

    Would you say that party leaders wanting to have an openly gay registered democrat as one of our judicial candidates a good decision?

    How great of a judicial slate did we have when we only fielded candidates in 4 out od 16 races?

    It is a given that the 'mood' was against republicans in the last election. I fully understand this. But, I think locally, if utilized the right way, the corruption probe would or could have diminished this anti-republican feeling. But that would have only been possible if the RPCC didn't show up only at election time.

    As for being impossible to elect a countywide republican... at first I would be satisfied if we were able to get an effective candidate. I would be happy if our party and candidates were not summarily dismissed as non-existent.

    A defeatist attitude of "it is impossible to elect a republican countywide" has infected our party. Not to mention that many of our grass roots volunteers are starting to get sick of the 'social club' members of our party supporting the opposition.

    Many of us would be happy if we just started becoming a presence.

  5. Just got out of Gallagher's court room. The man with a 31 page record who broke into our house, stole my wife's engagement ring, assaulted me when we caught him in the act and then lied to the judge's face got PROBATION instead of up to 17 years. I am enraged, my wife can't sleep at night. Thank you Judge Gallagher for your incompetence. I now have no faith in our justice system whatsoever.


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