Saturday, March 7, 2009

Alan Keyes launches Loyal to Liberty Blog

Well this will be sure to have the Obamunists just thrilled spitless! Alan Keyes - has started the Loyal to Liberty Blog...

Keyes, had a recent well aimed, cheek splitting - pin the tail on the jackass- post in which he calls Obama a communist...
Understanding this, the enemies of freedom do their best to limit or eliminate words that interfere with their design for despotism. They especially seek to stigmatize and discourage the use of words freighted with the sad and tragic history of tyranny and dictatorship. That's why the use of the word 'communist' to describe Barack Obama has aroused such furious diatribe and aspersion. Call him liberal. Call him socialist. Even call him a Marxist if you will. But communist is a dirty word, a cheap shot, just resentful name calling.

"Of course, it wasn't a dirty word when Marx or Engels used it to describe their ideology, or when Lenin wielded it to rally his forces on behalf of the proletariat..."

"'s easy to understand why folks who are looking, waddling and quacking like communists would rather we called them messiahs." More...

And quacks they are!

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