Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Cleveland Tea Party!

A growing number of Obama supporters have told me that what he is doing - is NOT the change they voted for. I continually hear, "I don't mind helping out someone down on their luck - but I do not want to support them forever."

Are you tired of the corporate welfare called bailouts being funded by your hard work? Are you happy that while you were bringing your lunch to work and saving pennies, your hard earned dollars will be bailing out people that thumbed their noses at your sacrifices and are served by butlers and driven by limo drivers while they drink their tea?

Are you happy that as you wait for your unemployment check, that will be gone as soon as you get it, our legislators are spending over $7 billion dollars for 9000 earmarks of unnecessary pet projects that will bring minimal if any jobs?

How does it make you feel that while you're out of work, starving, ready to have your utilities shut off and get thrown out of your house ~ our legislators would rather spend millions of your hard earned dollars on saving a field mouse and $1.7 million for pig odor research to name a few? The D.C. purveyors of pork need only smell themselves to find out where the stench is coming from!

Are you fed up with being fed up? If you are, here is your chance and now is the time to be part of something very special, fast growing movement sure to go down in history.

A little over a couple hundred years ago some special people in our country became very upset about taxation without representation and did something about it. Well, we are again facing a growing resentment, and again, some special people are doing something about it by having a Nationwide Tea Party in cities across America....

You got it Skippy - another Cleveland Tea Party and this one will be held on TAX DAY!

Other cities in OH - Canton, Cincy, & Dayton - will also be hosting events on the same day in conjunction with the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party.

While we hope that all the event locations are a smashing success, I think the heart of Ohio - Cleveland - needs to blow the doors off this thing! We need to fill this event with the energy of the Dawg Pound and really show the others how to be heard.

You can show your support & voice your opinion at the Cleveland Tea Party website, where there are forums, up to date news releases many useful links, a blog page for your own posts and/or you can volunteer to help.


  1. King,

    Tell Russo it is a gay tea party protest for anal rights. He will come dressed in period regalia making for a true spectacle.

  2. I will offer the suggestion. But an Obama effigy is a thought

  3. Homeboy one other thing...

    This event is open for all US tax paying citizens. On this one everyone is affected!

  4. Why do the Repubs keep having teabagging parties?

  5. Looks like anonymous is another quality example of our liberal education system. I suppose they glossed over the reason for Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution while he slept in class... It's time to put personal responsiblity back on the forefront and ween these liberals of the gov't teat.

  6. Everyone should make it a point to attend this event wherever it is held every April 15th until the radical and complete elimination of the IRS is done.

  7. Our countries founding was a miraculous event. Our forefathers ushered in an era of democracy that produced the greatest technological advancements in human history, created the highest standard of living, and was founded on personal liberty, the right to pursue ones own happiness and success, and allowed people to climb the ladder from the lowest rungs to the highest. But we must understand that there is no guarentee it will last unless WE are ready to jealously defend and protect it. There are those who hunger for power and will take it if we let them. And we are seeing that happen now. It's time to reignite the American spirit. DONT TREAD ON ME!!!!

  8. Check out our summary of the Canton/Cleveland Tea Parties by the Ohio Objectivist Society, including photos and a slideshow video:

    In all, we handed out over 20 copies of Atlas Shrugged, over 40 copies of our booklet, and dozens of business cards. We got on a couple radio shows, one local TV news segment, and were interviewed by a small local newspaper, all to spread our name. And its working - the emails are already pouring in, with people interested in future meetups, book reviews, etc.


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