Friday, March 13, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week Award #2 -- The Miserable Commie SOB wants to make veterans PAY for service-related injuries

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load #2: That miserable Commie son-of-a-bitch wants to make veterans PAY for service-related injuries.

If you haven’t figured out, yet, that Messiah Barry Obama is the biggest turd every pooped out in human history, get over it. This miserable rat bastard is already beneath contempt, but, refusing to rest on his laurels, he’s determined to plunge deeper into the Marxist cess pool that spawned him.

It’s not enough that the appeaser-in-chief wants to crawl on his belly and grovel at the feet of our enemies. It’s not enough that this pile of shit thinks there’s such a thing as the MODERATE wing of the Taliban. It’s not enough that he plans to look the other way while Iran nukes Israel off the map. That’s kids' stuff.

Now, as reported by CNN, and amplified by Monica Crowley and Tammy Bruce, this gutless gasbag wants to make veterans PAY for service related injuries.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

No official proposal to create such a program has been announced publicly, but veterans groups wrote a pre-emptive letter last week to President Obama voicing their opposition to the idea after hearing the plan was under consideration.

The groups also cited an increase in "third-party collections" estimated in the 2010 budget proposal -- something they said could be achieved only if the Veterans Administration started billing for service-related injuries.

Asked about the proposal, Shinseki said it was under "consideration." "A final decision hasn't been made yet," he said.

Currently, veterans' private insurance is charged only when they receive health care from the VA for medical issues that are not related to service injuries, like getting the flu.

Charging for service-related injuries would violate "a sacred trust," Veterans of Foreign Wars spokesman Joe Davis said. Davis said the move would risk private health care for veterans and their families by potentially maxing out benefits paying for costly war injury treatments.

So far, proving what a gutless wonder the Obamunists put in the Oval Office, the Red Shed refuses to confirm or deny this Obama scheme. They won't comment on Barry's brainfart to make the veterans who went in harm’s way in defense of their country, pay for their service-related wounds. The Obamunists can stand mute, until Messiah Barry grows a pair of balls, but the facts speak for themselves. If you refuse to deny it, it must be TRUE.

Is Messiah Barry the biggest piece of shit who ever stunk up the Oval Office. YES.

Is Messiah Barry the greatest threat (foreign or domestic) to American liberty in the history of this once great nation? YES.

Do I want somebody, anybody, to flush this yammering, prompter addicted, turd out of America’s misery? HELL YES.

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  1. You would think that here in America we could definitely treat our veterans a little better though, or at least as well as the people who mistakenly bought a house with 3-400 square feet more than they could afford. . .

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for commenting.

    This is disgusting! It is un-American and a black eye for our country. In my opinion our soldiers get treated shitty enough and still put their life on the line. One must be morally bankrupt for even thinking about making a soldier pay for combat injuries!


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