Saturday, March 7, 2009

D.C.'s Capital Queer Prom

Now how gay is this...

"I didn't experience prom in the same fashion that the rest of the kids did," said Tate, who grew up in Coon Rapids, Iowa, where he attended his 2002 senior prom.

But Tate got a second chance last year at D.C.'s Capital Queer Prom, where, to his surprise, he was crowned prom king. The third annual event takes place Saturday, and gives gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender adults the chance to recreate the high school prom they never experienced. For some, it's simply an opportunity to get gussied up and enjoy a fun night.

In D.C., Capital Queer Prom is organized by 27-year-old Ebone Bell, founder of the event-planning company B.O.I. Productions. Bell, of Silver Spring, Md., said she expects some 250 people to attend the dance on the Spirit of Mount Vernon, a ship that cruises along the Potomac River in D.C. and Virginia. Proceeds will benefit One in Ten, a D.C. nonprofit that produces Reel Affirmations, D.C.'s annual gay and lesbian film festival.

On Saturday night, prom guests will also vote for a prom king and queen, who are nominated for their work in the Washington area's gay community.

In a show of Bi-partisan support, the lisping legislator Barney Frank and his wide stanced pal - Larry Craig, will be special guest judges for the prom. After the judging this promenade of pansies and penis-hating women, rumor has it - Craig & Frank will join the crowd with some toe-tapping (or some kind of tapping) on the dance floor.

Anybody want to bet the gay-loving Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman tries starting a Gay Prom in Cleveland? Though it will surely strike fear into the tiny hearts of gerbils across N/E Ohio - it would go great with the Gay Olympics and Gay Rodeo he is bringing here!


  1. A gay prom?? My highschool sweetheart dumped me two weeks before my senior prom, leaving me no choice but to go with one of the few that hadn't had dates lined up yet. I ended up going with someone I could hardly stand who had a crush on me since the first grade. It was an absolutely horrible experience really, being forced to stare at all the happy couples (including my ex and his date) when I wasn't with the one I wanted to be with. So I understand completely how it feels to miss that special prom experience.

    Hey Washington. Where's my do-over? Oh that's right I'm not hollering about how unfair the world is to me.

  2. :( Guys can be such idiots! That's why I never date any guys! LOL

    Valerie - I didn't go to my prom either. Well, I was suspended at the time so Bedford High School didn't let me go. I probably would'nt have had a date anyway - I was pretty rotten in school. (Go figure?!) I was "who or what can I screw with next" type of kid.

    Another buddy of mine, who was also suspended at the time, sat outside, drank beer and threw eggs at the geeks going to after-prom. One of my better High School memories.

    Hmmm, maybe I should go to DC with some eggs...


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