Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ohio Senate Screwing Up Stimulus Funds Already

The idiots in Columbus never cease to amaze me! Instead of getting people BACK to work the mindless misfits in Columbus would rather waste the stimulus funds on foolish fluff...

Abandoned industrial sites will be cleaned up, parks and trails will be developed and high-tech industries will be supported with $360 million in state stimulus dollars under a plan passed unanimously Wednesday by the Ohio Senate.

The plan, which depends on $360 million held back from the $1.57 billion jobs stimulus bill passed by the previous General Assembly, was sponsored by State Sen. Jim Hughes, a Columbus Republican.

"These are funding priorities and revenue sources on which Democrats and Republicans agreed would provide the best opportunities for economic growth in Ohio," said Hughes in a release.

The plan puts $60 million toward redeveloping abandoned industrial sites, $60 million toward new parks and trails, $90 million toward supporting high-tech medical industries, $50 million toward the logistics and distribution industry as well as $100 million for an internship program linking Ohio's brightest students with Ohio employers. More...

$100 Million to link students with employers, that due to the economy and Ohio's ridiculous tax burden, are firing people left & right? Brilliant!?!

This shows an (R) behind someone's name can stand for Retard, the same as a (D) stands for dumb ass.

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