Thursday, March 26, 2009

McFaul is McFinished!

Our old enough to fart dust Sheriff, Gerald McFaul, is riding off into the sunset hoping he will not be a guest of the county jail he once ran. After being allowed to do whatever the hell he wanted during his reign, McFool resigned in embarrassment.

Much of McFauls behavior was emboldened by the fact that he never really faced a legitimate challenger and his antics were never highlighted by the Plain Dealer - the paper perfect for lining bird cages. While the Rag Dealer is trying to thump their chests over McFaul's resignation, I am pretty sure that they consistently handed him their endorsement in each election. So I figure they were sleeping all these years, completely incompetent, purposely turned a blind eye or a combination of the three....
Cuyahoga County Sheriff Gerald McFaul resigned Wednesday afternoon following three months of Plain Dealer stories that spawned a criminal investigation and detailed a wide range of misconduct in his office.

The resignation came about 30 minutes after the newspaper asked his office about the latest set of allegations: that he accepted birthday and Christmas cards stuffed with cash from employees. The 32-year sheriff cited failing health as the reason for his resignation, which will take effect April 1.

Since January, The Plain Dealer has published 17 stories about how McFaul operates his office. The stories documented his hiring and promoting practices, illegal fund raising and favoritism for friends and political allies. More...

Amazing, 17 stories in the last several months covering abuses dating back 32 years - now that is some effective reporting!?!?

I believe the one thing that accelerated McFailure's resignation was Republican Party of Cuyahoga County Chairman Rob Frost publicly challenging Rev. Strickland, our Governor, to remove McFaul from office. Once Frost delivered this kick in McFaul's bullets it quickly led to increased pressure on McFaul to McScoot.

But the cranky old thieving codger, or pipe fitter turned sheriff', describes his career best...

"I'm fast-witted but sometimes half-witted," he said recently.

McFaul wore a suit instead of a uniform. He was never armed. "I once carried a gun, and it kept pulling my pants down," he recounted.

Half-witted, nit-witted and pants at the ankles... sounds like he's describing the PD and many other elected officials in this area!

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