Sunday, March 22, 2009

North Korea holding 2 U.S. Journalists Hostage

Seeing that Iran is having so much fun bitch-slapping Obama, North Korea has re-started their quest of becoming a nuclear super-power and is preparing for another missile launch.

Now, North Korea is upping the stakes in the new international game of, "let's see what the 'Teleprompter Twit' is made of" and has taken two U.S. journalists hostage...

From Global Security --

North Korea has confirmed reports via state-run media that it took two U.S. journalists into custody as Washington engages at the highest levels to resolve the situation diplomatically.

North Korea's official news agency issued a report Saturday saying the journalists were arrested on March 17 while "illegally intruding into the territory" of the country at its border with China.

Sources in contact with the two reporters prior to the incident say they are Chinese-American Laura Ling and Korean-American Euna Lee. They work for San Francisco-based Current TV, a network founded in part by former Vice President Al Gore. Both were apparently gathering video footage for a report on human rights abuses of North Korean refugees who cross into China.

As much as I would like to say - "Screw the Al 'The Energy Whore Gore reporters!" they are American. Nobody should be allowed to take and American hostage without paying a severe price - even if they are biased, liberal MSM hacks.

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  1. The girls are being held hostage since March 19, how come only now we got to know it?

    Isn't this a distraction from de Sticky goo the deal of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch turned out to be, with pension funds and angry shareholders suing Bank of America and Paulson probably ending up in jail together with madoff and skiling?


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