Friday, March 13, 2009

Help Wanted - Several Positions Available for a Healthy Penis

Are you willing to work with a penis in San Francisco?

This is not a joke! Mayor Gavin of San Francisco is starting up the city's "Healthy Penis" campaign due to a recent rise in syphilis cases. San Francisco, who will be facing a budget deficit this year, will spend $122,575 for a STD awareness program.

Included in that cost is area newspaper, TV & radio advertising, combined with the above ad on municipal buses and hiring of along with hiring a part-time Web designer, creative director and product manager. Healthy Penis will have a Facebook & My Space page too!

I'm trying my best to stay serious but here is where it gets hard... besides 'filling' the above positions - they will have city health workers walk around in 6' tall penis costumes!

The new city mascot will be featured at parades, street fairs and other public events. How would you like to be a parent with children at that parade?

City officials are just thrilled about the plan stating that the idea is well recieved in the area gay & bisexual community and that there is never a 'shortage' of volunteers to play with a 6' tall, walking, talking penis.

Just some more good old American values being promoted by Mayor Gavin. You can be sure the large penis will be used on Gavin with his next erection, I mean election.


  1. That was funny ... not sure about the Homo Alert tag, but great post.

  2. Haaaa.Ha. A Healthy Penis. Coming to a city near you. I wonder what the Healthy Vagina puppet will look like. Just saying.

  3. Pelikan glad you liked it. The Homo Alert tag is very fitting. It is being done by an openly gay mayor for the gay community. There is nothing wrong with an STD awareness campaign - but a walking talking penis? Please!

    Glynn - Hi! Since Cleveland will be forcing a domestic registry in the residents, will be hosting the Gay Olympics with a Gay Rodeo and has seen a rise in STD's this year - I would not be surprised if, besides the pricks running this area, we don't have the same campaign here soon.


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