Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Study Finds Ohio Fed-Up with High Taxes and Wasteful State Spending

Now here's a no brainer - Ohioans are pissed off about their taxes, they think Strickland can't be trusted and they feel he is going to sqaunder our share of the stimulus money.

Americans for Prosperity--

A new survey by the free-market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity finds that 60 percent of Ohio residents disapprove of the state legislature’s handling of budget and tax issues. In addition, 55 percent believe the state’s taxes are too high. When asked to identify the most important issue in state budgeting, 47 percent identified wasteful spending on programs that do not work.

“The governor’s so-called ‘No Tax’ budget actually includes an enormous number of new or increased fees. Ohioans aren’t stupid, they know that a hefty fee on everything from nursing home beds—more than doubled—to livestock renewal fees—increased 500 percent—is the same as a tax,” said Jack Boyle, state director of the Ohio chapter of Americans for Prosperity. “62 percent of our survey’s respondents said that they do not trust state officials to spend any new revenues wisely; this includes massive new fees proposed by Governor Strickland.”

The survey also finds that lower-income Ohioans oppose higher taxes, even if they are not forced to pay them. 55.6 percent of respondents earning under $30,000 rejected the idea of raising taxes on others.

Respondents also rejected the idea of taxes that are paid for by working poor and lower income groups, with a decisive 89 percent opposing the taxes.

The survey was conducted by Voter/Consumer Research, and is based on the responses of 601 registered voters across the state, conducted by telephone Jan. 22-27 of this year. The margin of error is +/- 4 percent.

The complete national and state-specific survey results can be viewed by
clicking here.

Click Here for the PDF file results for OH.

Hold on, I believe the numbers in these polls will soon go up. No, not from the AIG bailout & bonuses that our taxes have already paid for, but it has just been predicted that Premier Obamao's national health care agenda is estimated to cost
$1.5 TRILLION over the next 10 years or so.

And where exactly do you think the socialist, high-paid community activist turned Premier is going to get the money?

For those that are working - it will come out of your pocket. For those that want to work but are unemployed - you can be sure it will not be going towards getting you back to work.

Sounds like Tea Party time!

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