Sunday, March 4, 2007

Democrat Candidate Dodd - The New Party Tough Guy

It seems like one of the back of the pack democratic presidential candidate is trying to get headlines and act tough on Iran.

Democratic candidate Chris Dodd, speaking at University of South Carolina, show how lost the democrats really are when it comes to National Security, the War on Terror or the War in Iraq.

On one sentence Dodd says Ahmadinejad is a thug and we should not be dealing with him. Then he follows it up with he is glad we will be joining talks with Syria, Iraq & IRAN about the War in Iraq.

Then as a true blue dem he is, of course, against the "surge" of troops defining it as a mistake but state we need to our own borders and combat terrorism.

Persian Journal reported -

Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd called Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a "thug" during a campaign appearance in South Carolina on Friday and said the U.S. should avoid dealing with him when discussing the future of Iraq.

"We need to explore centers of control and power beyond the office of the president," said Dodd, a Connecticut senator. "I wouldn't be dealing with
Ahmadinejad. This is a thug. This is a guy who refuses to recognize the existence of a Holocaust. I mean this is a person who is not worthy, in my view, of sitting across the table with serious negotiators."

Dodd, a frequent critic of the Bush administration's handling of the war in Iraq, said he welcomed news this week that the U.S. would begin joint talks with Iraq's neighbors, including Iran and Syria. But he said the war has had a high cost and that, instead of increasing troop levels as Bush has proposed, it's time for troops to redeploy and withdraw.

"I think we've done about all we can do," Dodd said, adding that the U.S. should protect its own borders and focus on counterterrorism efforts. "I think it's a huge mistake for us to maintain the level of involvement that the surge requires."

Seems like this guy has no clue as to what he wants to do or how he would do it.

Dodd also talks about the need to fix health care, but said he has no plan.

In Kucinich like fashion, Dodd also dismissed the polls showing Clinton, Obama & Edwards as the front runners.


  1. On one sentence Dodd says Ahmadinejad is a thug and we should not be dealing with him. Then he follows it up with he is glad we will be joining talks with Syria, Iraq & IRAN about the War in Iraq.

    Apparently he has been listening closely to Dr. Rice. Too bad Dodd didn't give her credit for having the same opinion which he apparently copied.

    I understand, then, Mr. King, the outrage you raise in this post: plagerism. I never liked plagerism and I'm happy that you pointed it out.

    By the way, did Geprge Bush ever wear flop-flops or was that only John Kerry, i can't seem to remember?

  2. Nope, we missed here again L.D.

    To be honest Condi Rice does not impress me that much. I don't think she has been effective as she should be.

    I also disagree with her views on Iran and how WE are now Flip-flopping on Iran.

    You may be correct on the plagerism, but that was not my point.

    My point about Dodd, tough talk, but has no plan. The direction Dodd and now Rice and Bush are going is a mistake.

    While the talks are a good step forward, we should not yet be sitting with Iran.

    To explain why I feel this way --

    Iran is becoming more isolated in the arab world. Arab countries are starting to realize Iran cannot be allowed to become a dominate force in the region. They are also starting to admit Iran is meddling in Iraq.

    Internal strife is growing, teachers starting to speak out and protest.

    Iran is becoming a bigger pain to international community with quest for nukes, capability of oil infrastructure weakening,

    Britian has not ruled out air strikes against Iran, Israel is always ready to attack, we have extra carrier groups in the region and the surge in troops.

    The region is fearful the War in Iraq will spread with sectarian violence and attacks by the U.S. and posibly other countries.

    This creates a big dark cloud and lots of pressure on Irans leaders.

    At this point now, Britian should have somebody at the table for these talks. This will place us there by proxy sort of.

    Before we sit down at the table we need to kick Saudi Arabia in the ass and tell them to start exerting their power in the region.

    Next and most importantly is, Russia. They have been fairly quite during all this. Other than a statement here and there.

    I am sure Putin is smiling while he sits and pushes countries buttons and enjoys all this.

    Russia is the one who will be helping to finance and build Irans nuclear dreams.

    This can be done with negotiations over the missles we want in Europe.

    Then we sit down and talk.

    But like the terrorists, Iran is waiting for the U.S. to defeat ourselves internally.

    This is what the talk of pull out the troops and we better not attack Iran does. It divides us and eventually waters down are negotiating positions.

    So yes, with Bush changing policy on Iran, I think he borrowed some of Kerry's flip-flops.



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