Saturday, October 4, 2008

Former Cuyahoga County Recorder Pat O'Malley get 15 month sentence on Oscenity Charges

Former Cuyahoga County Recorder, Pat O'Malley was sentenced to 15 months in jail by Judge David Dowd for his guilty plea of obscenity charges.

In addressing the court, O'Malley admitted to looking at porn on his computer, but denied he viewed child porn. O'Malley also stated that on many occasions his ex-wife Vicki viewed the porn with him....

From the PD --
But the most dramatic statements came from O'Malley, the rough-and-tumble politician who has had several run-ins with police over the years.

He also admitted to viewing pornography on his computer, although he said he never looked at any photographs that he would consider child pornography.

He said he started accessing porn on the Internet after his first marriage ended in 1997 and he took up with Vicki, whom he later married.

O'Malley said he and Vicki sometimes looked at the pornography together. More...

O'Malley's story is believable to an extent. I also believe that his ex had a hand in loading some of the porn on O'Malley's computer - but not all of it. Why else would the vindictive wench be at his sentencing?

Considering the facts given and some private info I am aware of - I would say the sentence was fair, if not even a little harsh.

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  1. and to paraphrase Chevy Chase...

    The Republican candidate for County Recorder will still lose.


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