Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain supporter mugged and has letter "B" carved in her cheek by Obama supporter

Ladies & Gentlemen - meet yet again another victim of the Obama campaign!

For many of the Obama supporters this is about a movement and not an election. Again we are shown an example of how they deal with anyone that disagrees with their message...

From Time 4 Revolution --

According to an interview on KDKA the victim is a college student from Texas here to volunteer services to the McCain/Palin campaign - when the attacker saw her bumper sticker, he said quote “I’m going to teach you a lesson” and proceded to beat her and hold her down on the ground while he ‘cut’ her face. More...

Click here to read about a women that was beaten with a wooden campaign post by an Obama supporter. I heard last night an elderly Flori-duh man had the windows of his home shot out because of his McCain signs. Notice how they prey on the weak?!?!

Give Obama a little black mustache and his supporters some brown shirts and they will be recreating history!


  1. The "victim" just admitted to authorities that she made it all up...whose supporters are you claiming are part of a movement...I'm confused.

  2. Seemed like a hoax to me from the start.....

  3. Clearly you are dumb as shit. Why would the dude carve the B backwards and make sure not to cut too deeply.

    Secondly it came out soon after that she was lying.

    Clearly you swallow your republican rhetoric without a single thought that they might be full of shit.

  4. "Clearly you swallow your republican rhetoric without a single thought...." That is a common theme throughout King's Blah, Blah, Blah, Blog.


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