Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kucinich Takes Credit for Things He’s Never Done

Kucinich Takes Credit for Things He’s Never Done
Congressman Spends Debate Making False Claims



CONTACT: Mike Dovilla

(Cleveland , OH) In today’s 10th Congressional District Debate, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich had the opportunity to make a legitimate case for his reelection. Kucinich instead spent the 60 minute forum making questionable claims about his own record and that of his opponent, State Representative Jim Trakas, who conversely outlined a series of public policy proposals that would uplift the Northeast Ohio economy.

“I want to go to Washington not to fight, but to work,” said Trakas. “Solutions, action, common sense, ‘Made in USA ’ and jobs. These will be the watchwords of my tenure representing Greater Cleveland in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Kucinich made a series of statements that implied a Congressional tenure wholly opposite that of his actual record. Among the ‘accomplishments’ claimed were:
  • An overwhelming influence in saving jobs at the Defense Finances Accounting Services (DFAS) Cleveland office, which actually was effected by the intervention of Rep. Steve LaTourette, Cleveland Attorney Fred Nance, The Greater Cleveland Partnership and other constructive civic leaders; including then State Representative Trakas. Congressman Kucinich’s initial response was to denounce President Bush while everyone else went to work saving the facility;

  • Saving Saint Alexis Hospital and Deaconness Hospitals , which both closed;

  • Saving LTV Steel, which lost half its workforce and was saved by a federal judge, not by The Congressman’s marches and rallies;

  • Claimed to possess a good working relationship with members of the local business community, when in fact he has refused to meet with many business leaders because of his longstanding anti-employer ideology, dating to his failed Mayoralty.

“There is a stark contrast between Congressman Kucinich’s rhetoric and his results,” stated Trakas. “Over the past six terms, he has occupied himself primarily with pursuing an extreme ideological agenda that serves the Hollywood elite instead of Cleveland ’s working class, obstructing our region’s economic development through his unwillingness to work with local businesses, and globetrotting throughout the Middle East , denouncing American Policy.”

Trakas focused on both the failures of Congressman Kucinich to represent his constituents with his agenda to revitalize Greater Cleveland’s economy through traditional and new, high tech manufacturing jobs. “There is no reason ‘Made in America ’ can’t be a reality again,” Trakas stated. “We have the ability right here in Greater Cleveland to lead the way in reengaging the American manufacturer in our economy.”

Trakas continued, “This election is about representation. Congressman Kucinich has proved time and time again that he is more beholden to his Hollywood donors than his Cleveland working class constituents. When I am Congressman, I will put Greater Cleveland first and work diligently for the interests of our region. Cleveland needs a worker, not a talker.”

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