Wednesday, October 1, 2008


or else....

The above pictures are of the slow people during a stampede of worshippers at a temple in India.

From Arab News --

At least 180 people died and over 350 injured yesterday morning at a stampede triggered by rumors of a bomb blast in a temple in a 15th century fort in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

The disaster occurred just as the doors of the temple were being opened at dawn for more than 12,000 people celebrating the key Hindu festival of Navratri. Many deaths and injuries resulted during the rush to escape, officials said.

Describing the incident as “unfortunate,” Rajasthan government’s spokesperson Rajendra Rathore said: “A wall collapsed near the entry gate and rumors of a bomb explosion followed causing the stampede.” But witnesses said that the stampede was sparked by the high-handedness of officials who tried to stop people from entering the temple in order to make way for a VIP. In the push and pull that followed, some devotees slipped on the 75-meter slope on the narrow temple path. This caused the stampede. More...
Do you find my making fun of this tragedy offensive? I hope so - you should!

I hope you do - because I find terrorism offensive. This above tragedy is the direct result of what happens when terrorists succeed. For all the bleeding heart, "let's talk nice to the terrorist's Obama-lovers," this is what happens when terror succeeds.

No bomb, no terrorist - no nothing! Nothing but good old successful terrorism! Just the fear of a terrorist attack is all it took to set these worshippers off on a human version of Spain's "Running of the Bulls."

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