Friday, October 10, 2008

Girlieman of the Week - Assorted South African Scumbags

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Girliemen of the Week
Date Awarded: October 10, 2008

Girliemen: Assorted South African Scumbags
Girlie Antics: Panties wadded over "Achmed the Dead Terrorist"

Given the likely outcome of the 2008 Oval Office Derby, this week’s Girlieman of the Week is much more than a richly deserved bitch-slap at some gutless wonders. It’s a preview of the suffocating censorship which will snuff out free speech in America under a President/Messiah Barry ‘The Boy Blunder’ Obama.

The fun got rolling with a mega popular comedy routine (66 million hits on YouTube) by a joke wielding ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham. The skit features Jeff holding a skeletal puppet, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, who is decked out with a white cloth around his head. Periodically, throughout the routine, Achmed warns the audience "Silence! I will kill you!" It’s very funny stuff, here, in the PIGdom. But, the cringing cretins infesting South Africa have their panties in a wad over it.

Apparently, Achmed and Jeff are so wildly popular, with the world’s rational adults, that a cellular outfit, GloMobile is using part of the routine as a ringtone. In order to capitalize on their new ringtone, GloMobile is airing ads which feature Jeff and his pal Achmed. No harm, no foul? Hardly.

A whining pile of Jihadikaze shit, Moegamat Khan, went off the rails, caterwauling to South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority that Jeff and Achmed were - TA DA - offensive to Mecca Mania. How? It implies that all Muslims are terrorists, as far as this whining pile of shit is concerned. The spineless scumbags on the ASA agreed:

"To associate this divine inspiration to a terrorist is offensive to the people who believe in [Muhammad]." (Fox News)

In Moegamat Khan’s region of the Twilight Zone, it was outraged Lutherans who beheaded Theo Van Gogh. In Moegamat Khan’s region of the Twilight Zone, it was rampaging Baptists who destroyed the Twin Towers. In Moegamat Khan’s region of the Twilight, it was murderous Quakers who beheaded Daniel Pearl. Jihadikazes are too busy, beating their swords into plowshares, for such things, in his region of the Twilight Zone. Wake up and smell the Religion of ‘Peace’ coffee, you blithering, self-deluded jackass.

PIG can - almost - understand why Moegamat is a gutless, whining, neutered piece of caterwauling shit. Almost. BUT, there’s no excuse for the cringing cretins on South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority aiding and abetting this spineless, reality-insulated twerp and his pious pinhead delusions. That’s why, for refusing to confront the worldwide Jihadikaze rampage facts, Moegamat Khan, and the Mecca Manic coddling Meatheads at the ASA are the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girliemen of the Week.

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  1. Mr. Moegamat Khan who complained about the Achmed act should watch CNN or any news channel when there is an attack, car bomb etc. Jeffs act doesn’t portray all Muslims as terrorists. From what I have seen in the news so far the terrorists that have been involved in horrific acts of “Terrorism” are Muslim. Hey if it looks like a fish, smells like a fish its probably a fish but hey you don’t have to eat it.

    I have a good friend thats Muslim


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