Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bedford Mayor reimburses city for Obama mailing

Mayor Dan Pocek of Bedford recently slapped his own hand for doing wrong. An innocent snafu at Bedford City Hall has shined some light on our quite little town.

Pocek, a hard core democrat, accidently caused an endorsement letter for Obama to be sent using city materials.

From the PD --
Mayor Daniel Pocek said today that he repaid the cost of using city stationery for letters asking Northeast Ohio mayors and city managers to support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Pocek said the drafted letter was mistakenly mixed up in a pile of papers given to the city clerk. The situation came to light when the finance director questioned why city stationery and postage was being used for a political letter, Pocek said.

"It was a total miscommunication and I take full responsibility," Pocek said this morning. A personal check for $115.26 was written and delivered to the city, Pocek said, covering cost of the clerk's time, stationery and postage for the 60 letters.

"I have a campaign fund for this kind of situation. I have personal e-mail. It was never my intention for this to happen," Pocek said.

I heard Mayor Pocek speaking on WTAM with the disgusting and repulsive slobTrivasanno about this incident. Though it was an innocent mistake, Pocek willfully placed his hand out to be publicly slapped. Pocek could have easily passed blame, but didn't - so I have to commend Mayor Pocek for "manning up" and admitting guilt.

I have received many calls from fellow Bedford residents who were upset about this incident. After speaking to them many were shocked that I would defend our Mayor and our Clerk of Council. I also stand in defense of our Clerk of Council's integrity.

Mayor Pocek and I have had some very spirited exchanges on & off council floor. If for one minute I thought this was not an innocent mistake - I would be all over Mayor Pocek using city resources to support the Anti-American, socialist agenda of Obama. But it was a mistake and Pocek immediately did the right thing - which is something rarely seen by politicians of either party.

Don't worry - I am not turning soft. Bedford is discussing implementing a $15 fee for trash pick up due to declining finances. You can be sure I will be demanding ALL department heads no longer be allowed to drive city vehicles home at night. We have some department heads driving over 30 miles one way to work, this will stop unless they want a fight over their proposed trash pick up fee.


  1. I do not believe for one minute there was anyone in Bedford Ohio who was surprised that Ralph King was bootlicking for a Democrat in this city. Please spare me the BULL.Just keeping your cozy little personal and professional relationships with the Dems huh?
    You are no better than the RPCC scoundrels you rail about constantly. Hypocrite!!!!!!

    BTW it was not the Finance Director or the City Council Clerk who dropped the dime on Pocek, it was one of the Mayor's he sent the letter to. You know an ethical and law abiding Mayor. Funny he knew something was wrong with Pocek's actions.

  2. If I were a bootlicker, it would sure be better than the ignorant ass you show that you are.

    So,Mr. Chickenshit Anon - still afraid to leave your name huh?

    Since obviously you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground about Bedford, me, or anything remotely conservative - put your money where your mouth is chicken shit... don't beat around the bush - what exactly are my personal & business relationships with the City of Bedford?

    I would highly doubt ANYONE in Bedford that knows me - would say I suck ass with anyone in Bedford or anywhere else for that matter. If you were involved with this city you would know this. Trust me, some of the battles I have had with our council & Mayor Pocek are legendary.

    I suggest you look for the post where I took Mayor Pocek to task about his supporting of Marcia Fudge. But since you do nothing here - you would not know the history behind that post.

    I would take it you are also a Republican - again you expose yourself as an ignorant lazy ass that has done nothing for any Republican candidates.

    Please tell us what you have done for any of our conservative candidates here?

    RPCC scoundrels I rail about?

    At least I have the balls to speak out against candidates put forth by the RPCC that do not represent conservative values - unlike you who will sit quite. Unfortunately I cannot be a wormy party hack such as you.

    Now as for the letter - read the post ass wipe - I listened to the interview on WTAM. It was stated in the interview that another Mayor challenged Pocek on the letter. When confronted - he acknowledged the mistake and corrected it. If Gambosi did not catch it now- you can bet the penny pinching prick would have caught it later.

    Further showing your ignorance is that Gambosi is a department head - if you removed your head from your ass you would see I also called for all department heads to immediately stop driving city vehicles home. I'm sure this will score me points with the dems you allege I am in bed with here.

  3. My My Mr. King. Such Profanity from the President of the PTA? Do all of those fine folks know who you really are? They will figure it out in fairly short order. Just Please do continue to be yourself.

    Yes I have heard that you are a regular Hero in Bedford.

    BTW a Hero is a Fat Sandwich that is full of bologna.

    Lastly I would ask if you hate Republicans SO much why don't you do the Party a favor and leave?

    You act like most of the Democrats I know anyways. You are often found openly opposing Republican Candidates and chumming up to Democrats.

  4. King your anonymous poster sounds alot like GOP Felon - Steve Emmert.

  5. Its interesting that ol' Danny boy would wait until Obama is surging in the polls to "sign-on". Way to stick your neck out, Mayor!

  6. For the sissy ass anon - still waiting for you to substantiate your claims of my personal business with Bedford. Or maybe you are just like a typical Obama supporter and can't back up your claims.

    You say I regularly support democrat candidates - which ones? The only repubican candidates I speak out against are ones that do not represent the values of our party. So again you are wrong! There is only one candidate I have spoken out against - this would be the same one you privately tlk baout but are not man enough to speak your true feelings about. You would much rather be a party hack and support anything with an R after their name - whether or not they are good for our party or not.

    For the other anon - I do not believe it is GOP Flame. If it is - I could care a less. Regardless of who said my comments stand and they are still unable to back up their accusations.

    As for Pocek supporting Obama - democrats will support anything they are told to. I believe most people in this area are democrats because they feel that is the only way to win. When talking with them about their beliefs - many in Bedford are conservative but do not know any better thn to vote for democrats.

    Sorry you got your tender little feelings hurt. You are a queer sort of fella,for all your Bravado.

  8. "You are a queer sort of fella"

    Let's leave Andy Mizsak out of this!


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