Sunday, October 19, 2008

Open letter to Roman Catholics for Obama

The following excerpts are from a letter written by fellow RPCC member David Fago to fellow Roman Catholics who support, or who are thinking about supporting Barack Obama...
This letter is addressed to all the “Roman Catholics for Obama” groups out there.

I have read and heard many reasons why Roman Catholics are supporting Barack Hussein Obama for President this year, and on the surface…the arguments are compelling. Some of the issues that concern Roman Catholics that would compel them to vote for Obama are: Unemployment, High Gas Prices, The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the failure of Wall Street, and a genuine hate for George W. Bush.

Roman Catholics must remember this: We celebrate the Immaculate Conception. We have a feast day and a Holy Day of Obligation for the Immaculate Conception on December 8. This day alone tells us that life begins at conception. This day is not called the “Immaculate Fetus Date of a Potential Baby That Might Become Someone Special”. It is called the Immaculate Conception because at the very instance of conception, this baby, this person, this human being with potential IS going to be someone special. (I don’t think we need Bill Clinton to tell what the definition of IS is on this one!)

If you vote a straight Democratic ticket for Congress and Senate and state and local offices…that is OK. But for a vote for President of the United States…as a Roman Catholic…you must vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin to reverse this terrible genocide and call for the protection of the most innocent human life. (Click to read the whole letter)

David does a great job of pointing out why not just Roman Catholic Democrats should not vote for Obama - but also why anyone scrutinizing the truth should find it difficult to vote for Obama.

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  1. I have read and heard many reasons why Roman Catholics are supporting Barack Hussein...

    Okay. You have exposed yourself as a polemicist. No need to read any further.


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