Friday, October 10, 2008

Fat Cry-Baby Convict will finally be Executed

I hope this guy dies a slow, painful, miserable death!

Richard Cooey, after years of taking space and breathing good air on death row has finally exhausted all his appeals. Gov. Strickland has rejected Cooey's request for clemency and all his cry baby, wussy tactics & appeals have been rejected.

Cooey has complained that his large ass is too fat to execute. He claims he is so fat that the needle stickers in the death chamber would not be able to find a vein. When that appeal was rejected, Cooey claimed it was the prison food that made him fat - that appeal was also rejected. Now the disgusting slob will die - like he should have many years ago!

Cooey, who I hope they have to drag kicking, screaming and crying, will be getting the shot of death for his role in the slaying of two college students...

Back in 1986, this vile and disgusting human being along with a cohort threw a piece of cement off of a freeway overpass which hit the windshield of two college coeds attending the University of Akron. After they did this, they offered help to the two young women and they even called home to tell their families they were okay. Not long after, they tortured the two women by brutally raping and murdering them by strangulation.

The above description of the crime is from the comment section in the PD's post. It was left by a guy saying while he doesn't always agree with the death penalty - he agrees this piece of crying crap should be executed.

I believe the fat bastard should be treated to some Iranian style justice by being stoned to death or thrown off a cliff in a burlap bag.

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