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Congressional Candidate Unveils The Trakas Plan for Northeast Ohio

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October 1, 2008

Contact: Jim Trakas
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Jim Trakas Proposes Plan to Revitalize Greater Cleveland
Congressional Candidate Unveils The Trakas Plan for Northeast Ohio

INDEPENDENCE, OHIO – Former State Representative and Congressional candidate Jim Trakas today released his platform, The Trakas Plan for Northeast Ohio . The comprehensive proposal outlines Trakas’ specific plans for addressing nine public policy areas that are of vital importance to Greater Cleveland.

“We deserve serious leadership in Congress,” stated Jim Trakas upon unveiling his strategy. “For 12 years we have heard big talk and no action from Congressman Kucinich. I promise action to improve our economy, our jobs, and our future.”

The Trakas Plan includes realistic recommendations in the following areas for immediate and longer term actions that Greater Cleveland can take to revitalize its lagging economy, improve its neighborhoods, and take care of its residents:

  • Strengthening Cleveland’s Economy
  • Providing Real Energy Solutions
  • Offering Real Answers on Health Care
  • Defending Our Nation
  • Defending A Culture of Life & Values
  • Protecting Our Seniors
  • Improving Education
  • Protecting Our Environment
  • Restoring Cleveland’s Greatness

“We must work together to help our region realize its greatness once again,” said Trakas. “This is possible, but it requires a leader in Congress who understands Cleveland ’s challenges and chooses to use his position of public trust to tackle those issues directly rather than blaming others. As Congressman, I will work with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents throughout the 10th District, around our region, and across the nation to ensure Northeast Ohio experiences a renaissance. With hard work, common sense, and a belief in the goodness of our people, I am confident that bright days lie ahead for Greater Cleveland.”

The Trakas Plan can be viewed in its entirety at

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