Thursday, October 2, 2008

Murtha Sued by Marine over Hadithah remarks

Just like a true Marine - never giving up!

Former Marine Justin Sharratt is suing democrap Rep John Murtha of PA for continually calling him a murderer. Sharratt was initially charged with 3 counts of premeditated murder after 24 Iraqi's were killed during a gun battle with insurgents in Hadithah.

After a full military investigation - Sharratt was EXONERATED! Even after the investigation verified Sharratt's claim that he only killed insurgents - Murtha has still not apologized.

From Marine Corps Times --
A former Marine lance corporal sued Rep. John Murtha for slander Thursday, saying the Pennsylvania Democrat damaged his reputation by saying Marines killed women and children “in cold blood” in Hadithah, Iraq, in November 2005.

“Sharratt, in being labeled repeatedly by Murtha as a ‘cold-blooded murderer,’ and by Murtha outrageously claiming that the Hadithah incident was comparable to the infamous (My Lai) massacre of Vietnam, has suffered permanent, irreversible damage to his reputation,” the lawsuit states. American service members killed as many as 504 Vietnamese villagers in the My Lai massacre.

Sharratt, 24, was initially charged with three counts of premeditated murder but was exonerated after a full investigation and the military equivalent of a preliminary hearing. Sharratt said it was proved he killed insurgents, not civilians. More...


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  1. GOD BLESS Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt and may he be victorious against these treasonous bastards.
    I have two regrets however one being that he cannot sue Harry Reid as well. Second I wish he could do alot more than sue Murtha,but it is a very nice start.Maybe it will act as some type of deterrent.One could only hope (but the Democrats are a nasty breed and they REALLY just cannot help themselves.)


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