Friday, October 3, 2008

Wicked Witch of Ohio - SecRATary of State Brunnehilda - Painting Ohio Blue for Barack

Everyone has to give Bob Frantz from WTAM 1100 an – Outstanding!

In his show yesterday Frantz was rightfully railing on how the early voting is nothing more than the Wicked Witch of Ohio, SecRATary of State Jennifer Brunnehilda, hand-delivering Ohio to Obama.

In the first day of early voting Brunnehilda was allowing homeless people to vote and they refused to allow an elections observer witness the early voting taking place at the Cuyahoga County “Bored” of Elections.

A concerned Frantz called Brunehilda’s office for an explanation of how they could be allowing people to vote with no verifiable residence and wanted to know what safety measures were in place to protect against voter fraud.

Jeff Ortega, Brunnehilda’s #1 winged monkey at the SOS office, called back and responded in a truly unbelievable exhibit of deceit and deception. With all the sidestepping and jukes thrown by Ortega, had he been a football player - he would have made Jim Brown look like a Giraffe on Quaaludes.

When Frantz pressed Ortega for an answer as to why there is no election observers – Ortega like a pull the string doll – kept repeating – “the law did not provide for observers.” Ortega did acknowledge that SOS Brunnehilda has ruled since the legislation did not provide for observers – there will be none during early elections.

When questioned on the fact that many homeless people (for liberals that means they have no home) with out ID’s or permanent residence allowed to vote, Ortega stated that elections boards have procedures in place. Frantz pressed forward on what exactly the procedures are and Ortega still stumbled around his repeated trained-dog legislation did not provide for them excuse.

Here is the most incredible part and proof that Brunnehilda and her winged monkeys at the Ohio SOS office are stealing the election for Barack – when asked to name one procedure in place to stop voter fraud, Ortega led Frantz into his next radio commercial!

You got it – after Frantz nailed Ortega’s weasely little election stealing ass to the wall – Ortega said, “well, your producer said, uhm, I know you got other things to talk about and I got to go.”

Listen Here & Here

In “F’n”credible!


  1. It is pretty interesting audio; i'd advise everyone to take a listen.

  2. PD says as of Friday afternoon only 3,000 people had registered. That alleviated some of my fears that there would be massive voter fraud(10,000 or even 100,000 votes being banked for Obama).
    It was wrong of the SOS and she should be ashamed of herself. But you know, GOD don't like ugly and I think it was no coincidence that they(the Democrats) could not organize better than that.
    HA HA . GO McCain/Palin. GO

  3. Yeah, but what will those numbers be after today when the Dems can bus them all in after their church services?

  4. Does the Ohio constitution provide for recalling the Secretary of State? Anyone?

    (And if so who wants to go with me to the SOS office to get recall petitions?)

  5. Good question!

    I know school board members cannot be recalled but I don't know about SoS.

    I will send your question to the legal minds at KRS for an answer.

    If so, I say - Road Trip!


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