Sunday, October 12, 2008

Teachers Unions Sue to Wear Obama Buttons

It is already a proven fact that the brown shirts running the various teachers unions have set out on a program of indoctrination through the use of our educational institutions.

The forced-fed brainwashing of students that Barack is the only answer is without limits. Some schools and universities have warned staff that schools Teachers Unions are now suing for the right to openly wear and display Barack buttons during school.

From Breitbart --

The teachers' union for the nation's largest public school system accused the city on Friday of banning political campaign buttons and sued to reverse the policy, declaring that free speech rights were violated.

United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten announced at a news conference that a lawsuit had been filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan to challenge the enforcement of the policy.

"We couldn't believe it," said Weingarten, who wore a Barack Obama lapel button. The American Federation of Teachers, including its UFT delegates, voted over the summer to endorse Obama's presidential candidacy.

Weingarten said schools Chancellor Joel Klein urged principals more than two weeks ago to enforce a Department of Education policy requiring complete political neutrality. More...

So Weingarten is upset the Chancellor Klein is going to enforce the rules. Isn't that typical of the liberals - rules do not apply to them. Much the same how they feel it is OK to attack Christianity, but dare anyone say anything negative about Islam or a queer.

The hypocrisy of Weingarten shines through...

Weingarten said teachers should have a right to express their political views, just like anyone else. Suppressing political expression sends the wrong educational message, she argued.
"Students can only benefit from being exposed to and engaged in a dialogue about current events, civic responsibilities and the political process," Weingarten said.

Weingarten is right - teachers do have the right to express their political views - but only after school and outside of school activities. Much like Obama was wrong that Health Care is a right, indoctrinating children during school is not a right either. After school the brown shirts can skip down the street with Obama pinwheels spinning out of their asses for all I care.

What about the child's rights or the parents rights? God help the teacher who sends my "Little King" home with an Obama sticker! As sure as God made green apples - the teacher will be using their dental plan!

What does it teach children when they see teachers caterwauling about rules they don't like? What does it teach our children when teachers want to break the rules? Should the students also be allowed to break rules they do not like?

Again, Weingarten is right - sort of... Students should have dialogue about current events, civic responsibilities and the political process - but of course she leaves out that it should be unbiased. A teacher should give both sides and urge the students to learn for themselves - not be brainwashed robots fed Obama data. Notice none of this learning process she spoke about mentioned giving both sides of an argument.

Like I have stated many times before - this indoctrination of students is the same way that Hitler founded his Hitler Youth Groups. Instead of Nazi pride and fascism, the teachers union are continually brainwashing the children of our country with their socialist ideals and liberal agenda.

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