Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Plain Dealer stoops to new racist lows

Below are the words in the picture...

There is a bridge somewhere, but can we cross it?

Or instead, Prop-Politics? Paperdollitics?

The Voting Booth is a very private place.

It's been said that this is not a race about race.

But of course it is, and it's about our bodies,
our partners, the earth and our faiths (plural), as well.

Or are those just props too?

Is the Flag an accessory?

This above racist trash was in the Rag Dealers (Plain Dealer) on Sunday. Truly disgusting!

First to say or imply that Obama is the one who figuratively speaking tore down the lynching noose is a crock! Obama is simply doing what he does best - follow people that actually do things!

Obama had done nothing in the fight for Civil Rights expect to use affirmative action techniques to inject racism - in a race he asks that race not be an issue.

I need to ask...

If I do not vote for Obama - why am I a racist?

So I guess the white democrats that voted against Ken Blackwell were racist too?

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  1. How about the black Democrats that voted for the white Gubernatorial candidate?
    Please remember 'racist' is what you become when winning an argument with a liberal.


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