Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mexican Authorities Blamed for Man Eating himself to Death

Incredible! They even have korrectnik's in Mexico! Family members of a bloated, over-stuffed, super-sized human burrito that ate himself to death are blaming Mexican authorities for his demise...

From Yahoo News --
A 990-pound bedridden man who had appealed on Mexican television for help tackling his weight problem died Tuesday of heart failure, his family said.

Emergency officials had to knock down Jose Luis Garza's bedroom wall and load him onto the back of a friend's pickup truck as he fought for his life.

Garza said he always struggled with his weight, but that he fell into a desperate cycle of depression and overeating nine months ago after his parents died of natural causes within two weeks of each other. He had been bedridden for four months.

Garza's condition deteriorated over the weekend as he struggled to breathe and eat. At his funeral, family members slammed state officials for not moving Garza to a hospital before he became critically ill.

"If he had received support at the time he asked for it, he would still be with us," said his brother Pedro Garza.

Struggled with weight? How in the hell do you get to 990lbs before you realize there is a problem. A clue may have been when his lard ass swallowed the toilet.

Maybe after the first month of seeing his diesel ass sprawled in bed gorging his gullet on taco's, burrito's and a few wayward border jumping illegal immigrants, his family members should have realized there may be a problem.


  1. If only Obama was running in Mexico. He wouldn't have let this happen.


  2. Of course not! Obama would have installed govt. regulation on eating. Much like they are trying now.

    But if by somehow this massive Mexican would have slipped through a Grand Canyon size crack - Obama would require the neighbors to buil him a bigger room. One would have to come over and feed him, one would have to wash him and another would have to wipe his ass.

    All because it was not fair for this guy.

    Hambo at PIG has a great saying about "Fair."

    If life were fair, rubbers would not be made in different sizes!


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