Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Town Hall Forum - Trakas To Discuss Foreign Affairs

Town Hall Forum- Foreign Policy

Trakas To Discuss Foreign Affairs

Location: Parma Memorial Hall
6617 Ridge Road Parma, OH

Former State Representative and Congressional candidate Jim Trakas will host the second in a series of town hall forums Wednesday, October 1st at Parma Memorial Hall. Jim Trakas will be discussing public policy issues that are important to residents of Ohio's 10th Congressional District. The forum will begin at 7:00pm.

Stay tuned for information on future Town Hall Forums and other public events.

Any questions, please contact Patrick Kelly at 216-712-6636

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  1. Where the hell did this loser Patrick Kelley come from anyways? Does anyone know?
    He sure wasn't sent here because of his management skills. Jim could have done a whole lot better than that for sure. I hope he does not really hurt Jim's chances by running things so shitty.

  2. If you are going to attack Patrick, be a man and use your real name jerkoff.

  3. Patrick is a graduate of John Carroll University, has worked on a number of campaigns since he was a kid and his father ran for office in NY. Oh, and he has busted his ass throughout this campaign, and during the primary season alone season raised Jim's name recognition over 10 points in the 10th Congressional District. That's who Pat Kelly is.

  4. Pat Kelly is bad at a lot of things: golf, poker, basketball, racquetball, remembering my birthday, etc. But political strategy is not among those things. Pat is a brilliant political mastermind and a totally cool dude.

  5. Hey guys

    Joe A – nice to see you stop by KRS and leave a comment. Great job on your YR site. Dan O – same for you.

    Sorry it took so long to comment on this. I have been having a hard time leaving comments on my own blog - go figure?

    Anyway, the comment from the first anon idiot is just that - from an idiot. Sounds as if they are crying because they want a job. More disappointing is that though they leave the comment anonymously – there language and typing style are very indicative of whom the comment is from. Read comments on other posts and you can easily see the likeness.

    Last thing about the anon comment - the person has done absolutely NOTHING to help promote our candidates in his hometown - but he wants to take cheap shots at Patrick.

    Anyways my thoughts about Patrick…

    First, I would not know Pat if he stood in front of me. I have spoken with him a couple time and I have asked for copies of Jim’s press releases. I can say this about Pat – I am impressed!

    In my dealings with Patrick – he has been nothing but professional, competent and responsive. When is the last time you can say that about one of our candidates campaign managers?

    Jim Trakas has a monumental task in beating Dennis and his Hollywood crew. So having to combat Dennis and his liberal legions – Patrick has his work cut out for him and seems more than up for the task. We should just be thankful Patrick has a great candidate to work with.

    Jim Trakas has a great understanding of economics, foreign affairs, energy issues, kitchen table issues and an intricate life-long knowledge of this area. Jim Trakas, while serving in the Ohio House, has proven once before, that he possesses a strong work ethic, unquestionable leadership skills, and is capable of forward thinking ideas that will contribute to rebuilding our region.

    I would say choosing Patrick, is another example of Jim Trakas making good decisions and surrounding himself with a competent team. This is another example of why, for the good of the residents and the region, Jim Trakas needs to be elected.


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