Thursday, September 20, 2007

Al-Qaeda - "On our way to Victory"

In an attempt to rile up the Al-Qaeda jihadikazes, Bin Laden's cave dwelling counterpart, Ayman al-Zawahri, released another tape calling on muslims to continue their fight around the world.....
"Stand oh nation of Islam under the victorious banner of the Prophet ... and campaign against the Crusader banner of [ President George] Bush," al-Zawahri said in a new video aired on Thursday.

"Go forth ... to the mujahideen, bear them arms, back them, defend them and don't be intimidated by the power of America for these two blessed attacks have revealed that it is a power of iron and fire, with no faith or morals or principle."

"What they claim is the strongest power in the history of mankind is today being defeated in front of the Muslim vanguard of jihad six years after New York and Washington," said al-Zawahri, who was speaking in front of a packed book case. An assault rifle leant against it.

"The coalition of the Crusaders has begun to fight the fight of the desperate ...

So then according to his statements, our War on Terror and the Iraq War will be over soon. This must be what all the "smart" liberals, demokrats and peacniks have been talking about!

Since these "allah loving ass hats" hate Bush so much, one could only assume when he is out of office, Al-Qaeda and all the terrorism will stop and everyone will live happily ever after!

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