Sunday, September 9, 2007

King is an "Inkorrectnik PIG"

King's Right Site has been on line since about December '06. During this time I have surfed, read and linked to many sites in my posts. Long before blogging I could be heard ranting about how the "Politikally Korrect" idiots are destroying our country. Maybe thats why some people say I remind them of Archie Bunker.

The most disturbing thing I have learned during this time is how the liberals have infiltrated into the minds of our children through the use of over paid, under performing educators. I do give them credit though....this indoctrination process to create a "Kulture of Liberalism" in our youth is a tried and proven process. This was proven by the Nazi's in their creation of the Hitler Youth movement.

In a future post I will touch on how the liberal logheads of this "Politikal Korrect" poison have hijacked our "Right to Free Speech" and through their tactics are redefining it as "Right to Selective Free Speech."

The more I read, the more disgusted I became. Wait, don't pull the trigger yet.... there's hope!

I came upon a site ran by some really "Cool Dudes" who are also upset with the PC wimps. These "Cool Dudes" are out to expose the "Holier than Thou" right-wing wackos and the hypocrite liberals. With thinking like - "Life is inherently unfair. That's why condoms come in different sizes," I was hooked!

That's why I am declaring myself a Politikally Inkorrectnik and have taken the PIG Pledge....

I Pledge Allegiance To The Way Cool Dudes That Founded The Free State Of PIG Because PIG Is The Place That Gets In Your Face Regardless Of Gender, Orientation Or Race
• • • • • • • • • • • • •

You ask WHO & What is PIG?

PIG stands for, Politically Incorrect Gazette. You will find a bold in your face assessment of the battle being waged to combat the masses of Kooky Korrectniks.

If you are a PC puke, you and your type, are in their sites. If you want to regain your sanity and are sick of mindless, over righteous, thin skinned, anti-religion, sissy loving, and everyone is equal idiots, come join the battle!

King's Right Site is honored to be listed as a "Friend of PIG".

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  1. I just thought you were an opinionated conservative ass


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